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The communal trio’s reunion opened its first full-measurement Franco since 2019, on June 9 at Club Soda. Loud Lary Ajust (LLA) was also responsible for closing the episode on Saturday night, leading the last major free concert of 33e date.

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Charles Eric Bliss Pauline

Charles Eric Bliss Pauline

“There will be no furious party, no tea room, we have warned the formation on Instagram. Bring all your crazy friends. We want to see you in crazy bullshit.”

The main-stage hit list and arrangement—poor eardrums—was somewhat of an opening-party putty version, push and sell this song: it was above all a matter of thanks jollywoodIt was released a decade ago.

Photo by Philip Boivin, Press

A crowd of LLA fans gathered in front of Bell Stage

On the big stage, the jubilee title was highlighted by nine giant white letters—a reference to a particular sign on Mount Lee—which separated the duo of rapper and rhythm designer, Ajust, who were erased in the heights.

On one side, Laurent Fortier Brassard, nicknamed Larry Kidd, was wearing underwear: a white Nike headband, a denim jacket and midi shorts. On the other hand, Simon Clich Trudeau, alias Loud, as an athlete wears warmth: blue joggers, gray hoodie and red Canadian hat.

In the ring, the exchanges were full-bodied. the first ? Aggressive, imposing. Second ? Strategist, trickster. Duel and duo, with the crowd being the third boxer.

Almost all titles jollywoodSam Fire, over loudspeakers. Outremont, who opens the album, thus opened the evening. “Four figures in the audience / The world is crowded like sardines / There are no seats at night / It is magic in the crowd.” Four figures? Rather the “five” which gently scattered to St. Catherine’s Street.

Photo by Philip Boivin, Press


Magic ? Dozens of twinkling spotlights caught fire when Nietzsche himself released Larry Kidd’s sharp verses for Candlewood SuitsWritten in the blood of nothingness. “God died of a Seroquel overdose, baby / In an American Apparel dress, baby / If I overdose tonight, at least I was well dressed.”

Call “go crazy”

for groatsAl-Kidd told the crowd to “go crazy”. As is often the case – perhaps, except for CH match nights – the audience’s “crazy turn” was in proportion to its proximity to the action. This was true for the swells of the basins, but also for the enthusiasm to join in the leitmotifs that fans praised. “One night only! »

Trap Snow crabsArrested My God (2013) just like There is no fucking way And the title track of the EP, caused a new turmoil.



The passage of LLA, which was peacefully disbanded in 2016, not only allowed a belated cult group to be seen and heard, but also allowed to gauge the progress of two stand-out rappers on their own. Archive photos shown during the concert reinforced this impression of the track taken.

it was feast jollywoodBut his successor Blue Volvo (2014), has yet to be put on the back burner. Even better, a true blue Volvo appeared behind the MCs afterwards Nothing happens anymore, who had already raised a block of their arms in the air. “I walked toward the sound, blinded by the lights / I searched for the same song all my damned life.” hold my drinkThe club song par excellence boosted the wave.

But the real tsunami came when the cliffs descended during XOXO. “You know the way of life / We chase money and scream for it / Baby, it’s all true.”

Nice revenge that this finish of the discus Francos was avoided in 2015 by ADISQ because of his too strong frangle focus.

33 . agobe The Francos is dedicated to Karim Willet by choiceFall Collaborating with the late 37-year-old singer was an obvious swan song. At the request of Loud and Lary, thousands of amateur photographers captured the scene.

“If I ever get out of it / I should have put on a fox mask / Pull up the curtains and say good evening.”

No doubt LLA would be happy to leave her with these last words…

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