The future of Kapu Kaku may not be in New York anymore

We know that. Hoping to win the Stanley Cup, your third streak should be wake up or rise up and play as a trio the top six in series.

Yanni Jord, Blake Coleman, Barkley Goudreau, Tyler Johnson, Ondrej Balat and Alex Killorn alternate with Lightning in 2020 and 2021…

Brian Bickle, Dustin Pevoglin, Jordan Stahl, Tyler Bosak…many of them were important parts of the Stanley Cup conquest despite being in Six bottom.

This spring in New York, baby line Formed by Philippe Schietel, Alexis Lavrinier and Kabu Kaku, they are on the right track to do the job the champion team is asking for. The third line is more.

But in matches #2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, these three players scored only one goal: Kakko on a pass from Chytil on June 3 in New York. This trio has not scored any goals in the last four games of the series.

We can say that the three young Rangers strikers did not deliver the goods against the double defending champion. At the same time, can we really expect to see Children 20, 21 and 22 years old mask Experienced lightning players?

The problem is that everything seems to be done A little about all crooked in New York.

Kakko, used for 22:47 in the first game of the playoffs (against the Penguins), was used for barely 10 minutes per match against Lightning…and was disqualified in the last match.

Why did Gerard Galant leave him in the stands last Saturday night? Because he wanted to have the muscle of Dryden Hunt – who hasn’t played since May 7 – in his squad. Hunt finished the game at 1 under and 10:58 on the ice…

Galant, who still strongly believed in the offensive potential of Kakko and Lafrenière, simply thought he had a better chance of winning his match with Hunt rather than Kakko, This is it.

Re-Call He declined to comment on Kaku’s withdrawal after Saturday’s meeting.

We wish Galant had told us more about what he didn’t like about Kakko this spring. His defensive game, his folds, his effort, his physical game, his decisions with the disc?

Note that Kakko admitted to the media that he didn’t like being left out, that this was the first time this had happened to him… and that no one had told him why he wasn’t involved in forming the Rangers. He learned this by looking at the official line-up on the board …

In 2022, when communication is so important, he will be the head coach of Rangerssurvived?

Does Galant really believe in kabu kaku? Or does he simply allow himself not to say everything in front of the press?

A legitimate question deserves to be asked: will the Rangers do to Kaku what the Canadian did to Gisbury Kotkanyemi? Is the young Finn’s future from Rangers as uncertain as Kotkaniemi’s future with CH was a year ago? There are many similarities between the two cases, they must be acknowledged.

According to Elliot Friedman, several teams will be calling Rangers over the summer to ask what price to pay to get the Kaapo Kakko (the second option overall in 2019, I remind you). Jeff Marek thinks a team like the Hurricanes might be tempted to make a show hostile to Kakko. are you imagining?

Is the relationship between Gerard Gallant – who is here to stay – and Cabo Kaku to be repaired? Is Kakko really part of Rangers’ future plans? He will be eligible for restricted autonomy on July 13. He may receive hostile offers, but he is not entitled to arbitrate.

Kakko and Kotkaniemi are two highly coined Finns high, But it is slow to hatch. What does the future hold for Kaku? I wish him the same amount of money as KK, but better performance on the ice. Would Kent Hughes or Jeff Gorton listen if Chris Drury called?

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– Since Kotkaniemi was mentioned briefly, everything indicates that he played injured in the playoffs.

– Missiles rayon.


– Happy Eid comrades!

– Fantastic stats!

Serena Williams will be at Wimbledon.

Canadian players, dissatisfied with the referees’ work last night, may be suspended.

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