Painful defeat of the missile

(Laval) There are those defeats that are painful, and there are those defeats that hurt the most. As for the rocket, Wednesday evening at Place Bell, it will be classified in Category Two.

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Richard Lab

Richard Lab

why ? Because FC Laval had it all on this hot evening: a very noisy crowd at the beginning of the evening, Kayden Primo in a state of happiness at the start, as well as the luxury of the first goal of the match, scored by Rafael Harvey Benard.

Then it all collapsed.

Photo by Francois Roy, the press

Kayden Primo

However, these factors usually lead to victory, but not this time. This time it was the visitors, Springfield Thunderbird, who tasted a 6-3 victory.

For the Rocket, the result was painful for at least two reasons. First, Springfield FC had a 2-1 lead in the series. Then Rocket will have to return to Springfield if they have any hope of winning this series.

“Our start to the match was good,” said striker Alex Belzel. We did a good job with the penalty kick, but it’s becoming taxing, and they’ve got their momentum from that. We can say whatever we want about penalties, but we can’t give them five against three and five against four…”

The issue of discipline, but at the heart of the rocket’s concerns, will be of paramount importance… as well as flooding the club in a certain way. The visitors didn’t score in play power, but they had eight chances with at least one player advantage, versus four for the Rockets.

“It’s a challenge to control our emotions,” Belzel added. We’ll have to because at five against five, I think we can play against them very well. »

Photo by Francois Roy, the press

Toby Beckett Bison and Matthew Becca

Harvey Benard saw something of the same.

“We lost control of our emotions, especially during the third period, the striker admitted. We should have managed that better… and we have to come to the next game with a different mentality. It’s a good team on the other side, we made a lot of transformations, it cost us dearly.” …”

One could also add that this defeat is painful because who bears the greatest responsibility for it. Will Petten, who looks set to become something of a cross between Del Hunter and Brad Marchand, is the one who single-handedly sank the Rocket on Wednesday night with no fewer than four goals, his team’s last four, including a sixth in a vacuum. Clear.

His third and fifth goal of the visit, 5 minutes and 59 seconds into the third half, hit him badly; Bitten took advantage of a turn from Harvey-Pinard to beat a reductive Primeau. Thunderbirds just survived three against five, just like the Rocket previously.

After this fifth visit, we felt the energy of Place Bell rising in smoke, and the very noisy crowd at the beginning of the evening became very quiet.

Young striker Joshua Roy, who was brought into the rocket formation to replace the injured Gabriel Burke, was rarely used, but he was still able to collect three shots on goal.

Photo by Francois Roy, the press

Joshua Roy

“It’s a different style of play here, there’s less space on the ice and it’s more physical,” said the 18-year-old. But I am not a nervous man in life. I thought it was noisy at the start of the match, but I didn’t think about it after that…”

This is not what we will remember in the rocket. What we will remember is the importance of managing your emotions better. Coach Jean-Francois Houle admitted: “We received a lot of penalties. Our short game was excellent. It should have given us wings, but it ended up helping them…”

But Hall, the philosopher, did not overthink punishments, even the bad ones. “You have to forget about it… I didn’t think we got so many bad penalties. Except maybe the cross-check in [Nate] shinnar You can not do that. »

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