Hasty puzzle for aloite

MONTREAL – Life as a general manager and head coach isn’t always easy. Especially when you lose your most important players, Vernon Adams Jr. and William Stanback.

Last year, the Montreal Aloyt had to run the team without Adams Jr. for several weeks, including the playoffs. This year, after only one match, Stanback has already fallen into battle and is expected to return only at the end of the calendar.

Danny Macciusia, general manager of Alouettes, however believes he has discovered the necessary depth behind Stanback. He had brought in Tavian Pfister, Dilance Turner and Jordan Scarlett to determine the alternative American options.

“It’s really strange, I think we’ll have tough decisions to make. After a few days a lot of things have changed. Whether it’s the players who left or William getting injured, that’s where we are,” Macciusia explained.

Turner and Scarlett have been released since Pfister seemed the best candidate. However, he had to go home due to a family problem. Alwett also thinks Cameron Artis Payne, who was with the Birds in 2021, will be back.

It is not easy to solve this puzzle for Maciocia who is still debating with Feaster. Meanwhile, he proceeded to acquire Walter Fletcher from Edmonton Elks.

“We like him a lot, he is a vector who can run hard, he is able to block and he has a good hand to pass passes. He is the general manager who has been working on this file for two days.”

The key was to find an athlete who would be able to quickly integrate into the alute’s offensive system. Maciocia believes Fletcher meets these criteria.

“Definitely and I will go further. I sent his videos to Jary Jones (the head coach) and Andre Bolduc (the full-back coach). After about 90 minutes they told me that if I could come to an agreement, they thought they could keep the same attacking system” .

Fortunately, with these early adventures in 2022, Alouette learned some good news. Chandler Worthy, a former receiver with the Toronto Argonauts, could play as the back.

“It was a great surprise for us too. I was hoping he played a little bit in that position and he did. He looks very natural and does a good job, which is an extra for us. He will come back, and if we need him in attack, he will be there,” Jones said. for us”.

Tuesday in training, Worthy earned multiple hits to support Jeshrun Antwi.

“When I arrived, I told them this was the position I thought I could contribute the most to. It wouldn’t be difficult, I was born to play that position. I don’t need to think of playing as a back-runner,” Worthy, unmistakably his pace, said.

It will remain to be seen if he can critique, at five feet eight inches and 177 pounds, a recurring one. Motivation will not be lacking against Toronto, his former club.

However, the ground offensive will essentially rest in Anthony’s hands Thursday night in Toronto. The 24-year-old got back to the occasion after losing to Stanback. If he can improve his mass, it will be difficult to remove him in the short term.

But Worthy intends to establish himself as quickly as possible and especially before the arrival of Fletcher who will have to learn about the Alouettes’ playbook. This time, Worthy intends to surprise fans who don’t know him.

“100%! They will see me when I go out to the field, and they will know me from that moment on,” he concluded with a smile.

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