Avalanche – Lightning: Point and Quimper Back

DENVER – If everything comes in time for whoever knows how to wait, then the Colorado Avalanche would start the Stanley Cup Final on the right foot against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

After an eight-day hiatus after sweeping the Edmonton Oilers in the Western Final – the fifth longest in playoff history – Nathan McKinnon and his teammates are eager to prove that they can not only compete with the Lightning, but deny them a third consecutive conquest.

“We have been preparing our team for this final since day one of training camp last fall. Now is the time to hit the rink, face what lies ahead with confidence, enjoy the moment and prove that we are the best team in the league,” coach Jared Bednar said after morning practice on Wednesday.

Bednar is not afraid of the repercussions of the eight-day break. A similar break slowed Lightning, as they were demoted by the New York Rangers in Game One of the Eastern Finals after sweeping the mighty Florida Panthers. Lightning lost their first two games and trailed 2-0 in Game 3 before turning the game and the streak they won in six games.

“We are in a very good position,” Jared Bednar replied when reporters insisted on the possible negative consequences of the interruption.

“We are in the same situation we were in after winning four games against Nashville in the first round. We gave the players the rest they needed and then maintained the level of training that allowed us to start the second round well against St. Louis. We are fully aware of the challenge ahead. We know this team is in their third consecutive appearance in the Grand Finals. They have the talent, the experience, the depth and they know how to win. But we’re ready,” added the Avs coach.

After a seven-day hiatus between rounds one and two, Avalanche beat the Blues 3-2 in Game One en route to a six-game win over St. Louis.

Darcy Comber appeared to net the starting goalkeeper this morning on the ball field. This routine was followed by his withdrawal to the locker room before his assistant Pavel Francos, who came in relief in the Western Final, suggested he would return Wednesday in case of the first game.

It is possible that Jared Bednar refused that assertion.

On the other hand, Nazim Qadri and Andrew Cogliano did not accompany their colleagues in the morning training. They only skated before training and won’t play tonight.

“All I will say in their case is that they are subject to daily assessments,” Bednar said.

Qadri, who is injured in one hand, suffers from gripping his cane. However, it was gained in Avalanche’s entourage that he would do everything in his power to get back into action during the final.

Indicate his position

At Camp Lightning, John Cooper and his players can count on Brayden Point returning to training.

The author of the winning goal – scored in overtime – that allowed Lightning to tie the series (3-3) against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round, Point injured his lower body from the start of the crucial meeting. He has not played since.

His return will give more standing for John Cooper to renew his lines and complicate his work versus Jared Bednar.

“We’ve been playing between our streaks throughout qualifying and we wouldn’t hesitate to do that again even if Point came back,” Cooper said.

“He is one of our best players. He will give a new dimension to our club, but we are especially happy to have him back in play. He didn’t have to come back so fast and we want him to be in great shape,” said Pierre-Edouard Bellemare.

“Even during his absence, he was very present in the team. His return is very good news for us,” added Zac Bogosian.

At Camp Avalanche, Jared Bednar will be adjusting the use of Nathan MacKinnon depending on the Lightning show. In the Western Final, we saw McKinnon face Conor McDavid in a clash of the titans which was won by the Avalanche star.

“I can use Nate in any circumstance. They could face their big streak or face a more defensive line – driven by Anthony Cirelli – depending on how the match or series goes,”

It starts at 8 pm on Wednesday. finally!

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