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The new horror and narrative adventure from Supermassive Games, The Quarry, is now available on most gaming platforms. Of course, the title offers players the chance to unlock various trophies and achievements. Moreover, the complete list is now known. So, without further ado, find out The complete list of The Quarry’s awards and achievements.

Be warned, we still urge you to be careful: some titles may spoil you with elements of The Quarry’s story.

Quarry, list of awards and achievements

In order to get Quarry Platinum, called “What doesn’t kill…”, or 100% of the title, players will have to get the following trophies and achievements. Some of them will be acquired automatically by browsing the game, while others require you to perform very specific actions. We show you all this thanks to the aforementioned award/achievement titles.

  • an introduction : You have completed the introduction.
  • Chapter 1 : You have completed the first chapter.
  • Chapter 2 : You have completed Chapter 2.
  • Chapter 3 : You have completed Chapter 3.
  • Chapter 4 : You have completed Chapter 4.
  • Chapter 5 : You have completed chapter five.
  • Chapter 6 : You have completed Chapter 6.
  • Chapter 7 : You have completed Chapter 7.
  • Chapter 8 : You have completed Chapter 8.
  • Chapter 9 : You have completed Chapter 9.
  • Chapter 10 Chapter 10 is complete.
  • Conclusion : attended the conclusion.
  • Cow love : Nick killed my father.
  • horror balance : Laura and Travis killed each other.
  • Just a scratch : You saved a friend from injury.
  • Draw blood : I accepted a werewolf bite.
  • Paranormal Investigations : I listened to the podcast.
  • Interactive : You have activated 15 counties.
  • breathtaking : I have passed 5 breathing tests.
  • Forgive those who warn : I have read the cards to you.
  • Dirty inquisitive kids! : I have collected all the clues.
  • Everything is explained : I found a matching guide.
  • What is it ? : I have collected your first evidence.
  • The truth is somewhere else : I have collected your first clue.
  • monster movie : I started the game in cinema mode.
  • worst evening : Everyone survived.
  • Massacre at Hackett quarry : I’ve killed everyone.
  • We should have gone to the hotel : Laura and Max are reunited.
  • above the law : Travis and Laura decided to cooperate.
  • Peanut Butter Butterpops! : You have never failed in confrontation.
  • full game : I found all the tarot cards.
  • Conspiracy theory : I have collected all the evidence.
  • last survivor : Do, just, survive Kaitlyn.
  • I know the way! : I’ve taken the fastest route to Nick.
  • White Wolf : You killed Silas.
  • wrong confession : Jacob told Emma the truth.
  • last survivor : Ryan survived alone.
  • family matter : I’ve killed all the Hacketts.
  • blood covenant : I’ve hit all the characters.
  • No thank you : I refused Elisa’s help.

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