Colombia: Left-wing candidate Gustavo Petro wins presidential election

Mr Petro, 62, won 50.49% of the vote, compared to 47.25% for his rival, according to the official results of the second round of the presidential election, which covered 99.7% of the counted votes. Participation was 58%, the highest since the turn of the century.

With 11.2 million votes in favour, he is about 700,000 votes ahead of the businessman (10.5 million), who qualified as a surprise first-round winner on May 29, who defeated the right-wing candidate, who has always presided over until now. Country.

Today is the day of celebration of the people. Let him celebrate his first popular victorycelebrated on Twitter the 62-year-old senator, ex-militant and ex-mayor of Bogota.

May the many sufferings be healed with the joy that fills the heart of the country today. This victory is for God and for the people and its history. Today is the day of the streets and squaresis still fired.

We are committed to real change, real changereassured the new president.

Change is to leave hatred and intolerance behind. Change means welcoming hope, and the possibility of a better future in every corner of the territory […] The government of hope has arrivedhe completed.

The government that will take power on August 7 will be the government of life, peace, social justice and environmental justiceincluded the next Colombian president, along with his family, loved ones, and running mate Francia Márquez.

The newly elected President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, addresses his Vice President, Francia Marquez, in Bogota on the night of their election victory.

Photo: dpa via getty Images / JUAN BARRETO

The majority of citizens chose the other candidate. […] I accept the result as it isMr. Hernandez said in a short Facebook Live stream from his home.

Gustavo Petro says he knows how to run the country and that he is loyal to his rhetoric against corruption. Thank you very much to all Colombians for accepting my proposal, even if we lose “,” text “: “I wish Dr. Gustavo Pietro knows how to lead the country and that he is honest in his speech against corruption. Thank you very much to all Colombians for accepting my proposal, even though we lost the “}}”>I wish Dr. Gustavo Pietro to know how to lead the country and to be faithful to his rhetoric against corruption. Thank you very much to all Colombians for accepting my proposal, even if we loseHis face was stamped undefeated.

I called Gustavo Petro to congratulate him on his election as President of the Colombian peopleOutgoing Conservative President Evan Duque announced on Twitter.

We have agreed to meet in the coming days to begin a smooth, institutional and transparent transitionAdded Mr. Duque who could not represent himself.

Afro-descendant First Vice President

With the victory of Mr. Petro, the African-American becomes Vice-President of State for the first time: the charismatic Francia Márquez, 40, a humble villager who became an environmental activist, played a major role in the campaign. As a running mate of the candidate.

We have taken an important step. We have a government of the people, a government of people walking, a government of nothing. […] Together we will reform this nation with joy and peacelaunched, proudly announces: I am the first African-American Vice President of Colombia.

The announcement of these results sparked jubilation in the large hall in central Bogotá, where Mr Petro’s campaign team organized the election evening with music and entertainment.

We will eventually get the change25-year-old Lucimar Asbrella welcomed in. It’s something the whole country has been waiting for.

This is the change that all Colombian people have been looking forward to for more than a hundred yearsEdgar Sarmiento, a 72-year-old retiree, rejoiced.

Gustavo Petro’s favorite candidate in the polls.

Photo: AP / Fernando Vergara

This presidential election enshrined Colombians’ deep thirst for change, and ousted conservative and liberal elites from power for two centuries in Latin America’s fourth economic power.

The first round qualifiers came on top with a letter of separation and against incorporationMr. Petro (40%) giving a speech gradual And social, in favor of from life And against poverty, while Mr. Hernandez (28%) promised to put an end to corruption, which is an endemic disease in the country.

The fight was especially bitter between the two men, with a campaign consisting of all kinds of accusations, disinformation, and other low blows. The latest opinion polls released a week ago gave the two men a tie, with the traditional right, in disarray, immediately calling for a vote for the real estate mogul.

As happened during the first round, this second round was not without any major incident, which was monitored by a group of observers and international missions.

torn society

The European Union, which had a mission there, congratulated Mr. Petro, with the voice of its High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, on Election of the next president of Colombia.

The hypothesis that the outcome was too narrow has caused concern in recent days, when the Petro camp expressed doubts about the credibility of the electoral process, and in the counting program in particular.

This election came in the context of a deep crisis in the country, after the epidemic, severe recession, severely suppressed anti-government demonstrations, and increased violence by armed groups in the countryside.

In a divided country that has emerged even more polarized from this presidential election, all analysts insist on the daunting task that awaits the new president to remake a shattered society.

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