Musical summer by Alicia Moffett

After releasing the albums intertwine And the Billy Ave. In the midst of a pandemic, Alicia Moffett will finally be able to stand up on stage with strong spiritual accents. Summer of the 23-year-old singer-songwriter is more musical than ever; She’s already working on a new material, in French to boot! Maintenance work.

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Pierre Marc Durevage

Pierre Marc Durevage

Q: How happy are you to finally be able to perform your songs on stage?

A: Right now, I’m working on the script for the show, and I really like it! I was about to write how happy I am. I’ve never had the chance to make my own, it’s so special to finally savor that, because it’s not the same thing as making your own.

Q: Your show in Montreal en Lumiere, which was supposed to take place last February, has been postponed to June 30 as part of the International Jazz Festival (FIJM). how do you feel ? Does it increase the pressure of playing in the International Federation of Journalists? It’s not trivial though…

A: Basically life is good, because I was so nervous that the show was running at half capacity last winter. I’m just happy to play at the Jazz Fest, and that gave me several more months to get ready. It’s a festival that gets so much appreciation, and I play it during opening night, it’s just totally insane. But I try not to think about it too much, just the fact that it’s my first Mtelus is stressful!

Q: You are an example of an artist who has managed his career in an exemplary fashion. How did you choose your musicians and how did the rehearsals go?

A: We barely started the rehearsals, actually. But I chose my band myself, the same way I run my business myself. But it wasn’t too difficult, I chose the people I played with in the past, and it’s important for me to be in touch with them. Honestly, playing with musicians I don’t know would be extra stress. Even pianist Gabriel Thibault and guitarist Maxim Levsk are friends with whom I went to high school in Vaudrell!

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Alicia Moffett

s. Is balancing family and music more difficult as the summer tour approaches?

A: I’m in the process of re-learning how to manage work-family balance, because I just broke up. So I don’t think it rocks me too much to do, I’ll go with the flow. But I also chose not to do a lot of shows. I’m still picky. We have a strategy: This year, we focus on festivals, we’ll open theaters early next year and have festivals that we won’t have a chance to do the following summer.

Q: You seem to be less active on social networks, which you have been able to use incredibly efficiently. Does music force you to devote less time to networking?

A: I changed my relationship with social networks, I changed my style, I talk less about everything that happens in my life. It came by choice, but also a bit naturally, certainly in part because I’m more focused on my music career. Also, I’ve gotten old with my fans; It is believed that I attract teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 13, but I have a larger audience between the ages of 18 and 35, because I am a mother, among other things. People understand that I offer my life less than before.

Q: So you work really hard on your music. Do you have other songs in the making, specifically?

A: I write all the time! I’m also a bit influenced by French music these days. Artists such as Stromae and Emma Peters have rediscovered French song. So I plan to make songs in French.

Q: Are you planning to play any live streams this summer?

A: It all depends on whether the songs are over in time… you never know!

Alicia Mauve will perform in Quebec City at Imperial Bell (June 22), in Montreal at Mtelus (June 30), at Trois-Rivieres at FestiVoix (July 7) and at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu at International Hot Air Balloons (August 20) .

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