‘Top Gun’: Maverick Lamoreaux is also the rage

Buffalo | Now in the world of cinema, a sequel to the film Better Angry. In Buffalo, it’s not the famous Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell who seduces, but another Maverick, Lamoreaux of his name, who wins the points.

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You can’t make it up! The day before the physical exams where he looked so good, the giant 6’7″ gun handled the movie of the hour in his hotel room, along with other Quebec hopefuls. It’s a safe bet that once the pros get in, the nickname “Top Gun” will stick to his skin .

likable character

“A lot of people talked to me about it, including Scout, but it was never my nickname. Probably because of the defector in the movie… ”, the cheerful giant stopped, immersing himself for a second into the future.

Otherwise, it was Lamoru’s focus for the time being. The one who wasn’t seen as a potential first-round prospect at the start of the season ended the campaign at 20e Ranked among North American prospects, according to the NHL Central Scouting.

If he grabs attention on the ice with his physical and defensive play, Lamoreaux was even more intrigued with his outgoing personality this week, at assessment camp in Buffalo.

” I have Feeling it went well. I was myself, I was smiling. I brought good energy and didn’t get nervous.

Il ya des équipes avec lesquelles ça a bien été comme Edmonton, Detroit, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Caroline… En fait, il ya plein d’entrevues qui se sont bien passées », at-il dit en éclatant of laughter.

Mass to take

And what about his time with the Canadian, who, in addition to the first pick, currently holds 26e and 33e ?

This may have been a moment in the draft when Lamoreaux heard his name.

The Montreal interview was the most difficult. They would ask me things about my physical game and ask me why I wasn’t consistent. They wanted to see how I defended myself against that, what personality I had. Sometimes you have to respectfully show teams that they see things one way and you another. They like to see that you don’t allow yourself to be trampled,” he argued.

Another element teams will want to see is Lamoureux’s ability to add muscle to his skeleton. At 170 pounds, for its size, there’s still plenty of room.

“Teams know I’m 18 and I’m going to gain weight. I’ve always grown so fast that I’ve never really been able to expand. Of course I’m going to gain muscle.”

Warren on the rise

Still among the Quebec defenders, Noah Warren is another person who is attracting attention. Weighing in at 6’5 inches and 216 pounds, its build is really impressive. Rank 33e In North America, however, it will be on an upward slope, according to Scouts. “I’m happy with my progress. I improved the physical aspect from match to match. It came naturally. When I was playing Midget AAA, I was about to fall back because the players were much shorter than me. Back Gatineau Olympic, who dreams of seducing Canadian decision-makers, said, I wanted to incur a lot of penalties.”

“They were not difficult for me, except for the psychologist who challenged the players a bit, but things went well. It would be really special to play in Montreal. My whole family is there, my mother lives in the plateau. It will be really fun.”

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