Cellules cancéreuses colorectales humaines traitées avec un inhibiteur

Cancer: a drug found in Germany? Transformation Magazine

Prosion Therapeutics, a German startup based in Cologne, announced a few days ago that it had developed a promising approach to beating cancer. This process will primarily target so-called proline-rich motifs (PRM) to inhibit cell synthesis and proliferation and thus prevent cancer metastases.

Scientific research has always dreamed of defeating cancer one day. This disease is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. In all its forms (lung, breast, liver, etc.), it caused 10 million deaths in 2020. This is more than the total number of deaths from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Worse, the mortality rate associated with this pest has been steadily increasing for nearly forty years. This is despite the many therapeutic developments that have been achieved so far in terms of prevention and early detection. In this context, a German startup says it has found a promising approach to beat the disease.

ProM .-based selective inhibitors

This is Prosion Therapeutics, an oncology company founded by Slim Chiha and Mutlu Yoenel. This young imaging has a team of seven researchers working in two laboratories, on the campus of the University of Cologne, where it is headquartered, and in Berlin. His approach stems from a doctoral dissertation in chemistry supervised by Dr. Hans Günther Schmalz and Dr. Ronald Kuehne of the Leibniz Institute for Research in Molecular Pharmacology. It will target so-called proline-rich motifs (PRM) to inhibit cellular synthesis and extravasation and thus prevent cancerous metastases.

Prosion Therapeutics meticulously developed highly selective ProM (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) inhibitors of hitherto untreatable pharmaceutical targets that play a major role in cancer metastasis. Especially the breast and pancreas. But these goals also relate to other diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease or even cardiovascular disease. The startup plans to combine ProMs to form the first small molecule drugs for a class of “non-pharmaceutical” PRMs.

Promising in vivo results in zebrafish

Prosion reports that studies of ProM-based small molecule inhibitors showed extremely high binding affinity to the surface of the target protein. The results of the in vivo test in zebrafish show that inhibition significantly reduces the invasion of cancer cells into distant tissues. Other trials are underway to confirm efficacy, but also to assess potential toxicity. These include whether a general attack on a variety of metabolic processes can cause serious side effects.

Find the money of famous investors

To help Prosion Therapeutics continue its research, Frank Thelen made available funds. This famous and controversial investor built his fortune by asking his fans to invest in a public fund of €100 million. He is currently one of the biggest influencers in Germany. On talk shows across the Rhine and on social networks, he presents himself as a visionary entrepreneur. Like Elon Musk (also a Tesla portfolio investor). Tellin admits that he “has not paid special attention to biology, chemistry and physics since elementary school,” but now he has a keen interest in these disciplines.

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