ALG – OUG (2-0): Greens notes

Not seen since the sad evening of March 29, the Algerians came back and faced Uganda on the first day of the 2023 CAN qualifiers.

They wanted to make up for themselves with the fans who supported them, the coach they defended and the pride they had destroyed by the elimination at the gates of the 2022 World Cup.

In a fairly new 4-3-3 game by Djamel Belmadi, Zaghba takes place in cages. And in defense, the quartet between Ayada – Al-Mandi – Al-Tawbah – Al-Binsa’iya is responsible for containing the opposing attacks. In the midfield, the trio Zourjan – Bennacer – Al-Zarrouqi should dominate the midfield and better serve the attackers Ghazal, on the right, Balaili, on the left, and Al-Sulaimani in front.

In the end, it was a rather boring meeting, but dominated by the Greens, this Algerian-Uganda meeting ended. Mandy and Blaili, the scorers, have allowed EN to start their 2023 CAN qualifying campaign as soon as possible, and that’s all that matters in the end!

Mustafa Zaghba (6.5): He didn’t have much to do but he did it well. In a (extreme) penalty kick guided by Rachid Ghazal, Zaghba relaxed and let his leg dangle, allowing him to keep score.

Hussein bin clinic (5.5): He mediates a lot, collects sometimes, and always fights. At times it is cruel, despite everything a correct match for the right side of the Greens, who became a regular player in the absence of Youssef Atal.

Issa Mendy (7): He’s also had a tough season at club and national level. Against Uganda, Mandy was very clean and scored a special goal in the first half. assured.

Ahmed Tuba (7His entry against Cameroon made him a great hope for the future. At his premiere at Stade du 5 Juillet 1962, Toba did his job very well.

Ramy Bensbany (4.5): Not a good night. Wary of a mistake that was clearly avoidable, he would have missed most of his gestures. replace it Abdul Qader Badran at 83 minutes.

Adam Zorgan (5): He had a great opportunity to return to his coach’s young papers and if he was a volunteer, Zourjan was clearly not the most prominent Algerian midfielder. Replaced at 80 minutes Sofiane Bendibeka.

Ramez Zerrougui (6): He also saw the criticism leveled at him after the Greens were eliminated against Cameroon, and it was important for him to raise the bar. He was available, engaged and good at recuperating and recovering.

Ismael bin Nasser (6.5): The Milan midfielder has done his job seriously and practically. He often walked overboard with the quality of his shot, as in his attempt at 70 minutes.

Rashid Ghazal (5): Tried a lot but didn’t work. It’s too bad for Gazelle, who nevertheless has a chance to play left and right. Replaced at 69 minutes Adam Onaswho hasn’t played much for Napoli this season but has been responsible for waking up the pitch with his explosive and very successful entry.

Youssef Balili (8): man of the match! Exceptional in the first half, he hit the free kick that led to Mandy’s goal and he could have scored himself on an exceptional bike. In the second half he was initially more conservative but finally took charge of turning things around after dodging four players and seeing his shot end in the net. Replaced at 80 minutes Bilal Ibrahiminow officially internationally A.

Islam Soleimani (5): He’s played very little in recent months and it shows. Clumsy, rather clumsy, he didn’t shine much as usual. Replaced at 69 minutes Mohammed Al-Amin AmoraWho didn’t give much in attack even if he was useful in pressure.


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