TAN - ALG (0-2) : Les notes des Verts

TAN – ALG (0-2): scores of greens

After overcoming Uganda (2-0) at the stadium of July 5, 1962, the Greens moved from Djamel Belmadi to Tanzania. In a meeting quite similar in the scenario, Algeria won again.

EN 2.0 Belmadi version, Episode 2. If the first encounter is victorious and mastered, then the second match, against Tanzania, will be more complicated. In fact, Algeria has never won in three matches with the Kilimanjaro Stars (two draws and one loss).

To win the three points and secure the top spot in Group F, Djamel Belmadi lined up 11 classics with a few changes. M’Bolhi, Badran, Bendibeka and Unas returned to the field while Zoghba, Toba, Zerkan and Ghazal sat on the bench.

The match ended as tight as the match against Uganda, where Algeria didn’t really shine. Thus, the first half witnessed 30 minutes of play without a single shot on goal, and it was only left in the extra time that Rami Bensbani opened the scoring with a header (0-1). In the second half, the boredom continued. Finally, it was Mohamed Al-Amin Amora who ensured, at the end of the match, that the Greens won definitively (0-2). Algeria is going on and it will now have to find the way and the margin in its services.

Rais M’bolhi (6His presence in 11 surprised more than one goal after the good match of Mustafa Al Zaghba against Uganda. Against Tanzania, he had quite a few dangerous situations but he proved to be calm overall.

Hussein bin clinic (6): The new title holder, Benayadeh, regularly tried to find Soleimani on his crosses, but to no avail. Despite everything, he remained very serious defensively.

Issa Mendy (6.5): The top scorer against Uganda, Mandy is the crucial passer for Bansbani this time. Besides the statistics, the Algerian defender was above all involved and imperial in the air match.

Abdul Qader Badran (6): A favorite on Tuba, Badran has signed a new version that’s very clean, without the gloss but without the flinch. Perhaps this is a good summary of his career with his country so far.

Ramy Bensbini (6.5): The top scorer is probably injured, he gave up his place in the 72nd minute to Ahmed Tubavery correct on entry despite a blunder that caused an eccentric free kick.

Ramez Zerrougui (5.5): It seems that he finds it difficult to assume the role of the only breeder of vegetables. For the rest, Al-Zarrouqi played with a low point, constantly pressing the opposing midfielders and scratching a large number of balls.

Sofiane Bendibeka (unclassified): He found the 11 and played an interesting first quarter hour before getting injured on contact. replace it Adam Zorgan (6) who took nearly half an hour to figure out how to move along with Bin Nasser and Al-Zarrouqi before showing more interest. He is behind Gomorrah’s goal.

Ismael bin Nasser (4.5): This is probably the worst version of it in the English language. The Milan midfielder looked tired and made a number of major technical errors that are not at his usual level.

Youssef Balili (4.5): The greens clearly tilted to the right and my play didn’t shine at all. However, he took the free kick at the origin of the Penspani goal. Replaced in the 80th minute by Riad bin Ayyadwho celebrated his first choice there.

Adam Onas (5.5): He made an excellent start against Uganda and proved to be the main danger to the Algerian side in the first half. Unfortunately, as is so often the case at the club, Unas was probably injured and was substituted half the time Gomorrah (6.5), very willful and very clumsy at first. At the end of the match, he finally realized a good procedure that started with his call, and ended up shooting the opposing goalkeeper.

Islam Soleimani (4): A new challenging match for Super Slim, weaned from balls and who doesn’t seem to be in top physical condition. He was replaced in the 72nd minute by . Bilal Ibrahimirefreshed by his desire to play the first intent and the author of an assist to Gomorrah.


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