Bruins Firefighter Instructor Bruce Cassidy

After Claude Julien was sent off during the 2016-17 season, the Boston Bruins replaced him behind the bench with Bruce Cassidy, a replacement that followed months of poor performances for the Bruins.

Quickly, Cassidy corrected the ship, having enjoyed success throughout his tenure as head coach for the Bruins, as evidenced by his 245-108-46 record at the helm.

However, to the surprise of Monday evening, the Bruins just announced that Cassidy had been relieved of his duties.

Obviously, this wasn’t necessarily what we expected. and lo Cam Neely was not convinced by the work of his coaching staff (claimed during his press conference at the end of the season)The expulsion of someone who has led the team in the playoffs for the past six years is a bit surprising. The timing Also weird: If we know Cassidy won’t be back, why do we wait so long before we thank him?

If you want my opinion, it won’t take Cassidy long (Who will get $3 million by Bruins next year) to find a job.

And on the strength of things, this news is likely to have pretty big ramifications for the market for available trainers, which is pretty impressive indeed. After all, Cassidy is another interesting candidate (like Barry Trotz, among others) that teams will look forward to.

And despite the injuries of Brad Marchand and Charlie McAvoy as well as the uncertainty surrounding Patrice Bergeron, there is still a good foundation in Boston. There are coaches who are interested in going there. The start of the season may not be easy for the Bruins in the fall.

Speaking of Bergeron, one wonders if this news had an effect on his decision. I don’t know what his relationship to Cassidy is, but his dismissal may encourage Quebecers to return or leave, depending on his impression of Fitness Trainer.

Was Bergeron consulted before making this decision?

In short, the one who was assigned to Boston a week before Claude Julien was set to Montreal, was fired a year and a half after Julien was set to Montreal.

We’re talking there, but Julian is available if Bruins wants to rehire him…

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Acquisition of Devon Toews: One of Joe Sakic’s best decisions on top of the avalanche.

– In this series? surely.

– coaches on the benches very expelled for several years.

For those who did not follow up on the situation.

– What do you think?

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