The missile hit four targets from Peyton

Laval – The Rocket players made discipline the central point of their approach before returning in front of their fans. The idea was good, but the execution failed Wednesday night in Game 3 of their series against the Springfield Thunderbirds.

The Canadian farm club suffered a 6-3 loss which now puts them 2-1 behind in the eastern branch of the MLS semi-finals.

Peten makes his former team suffer

Will Bitten, a real annoyance about Cayden Primeau’s network in Game 2, found a better way to get hate. The former Habs player scored four pressing goals in the last 23 minutes of the match. His second from 35e In the second half of the third, the visitors gave a two-goal lead and they would prove to be the winners. He completed a hat-trick during a powerful play in the Rocket after five and a half minutes and finished his job of demolishing in the empty net.

Raphael Harvey Benard, Corey Scheunemann and Nate Schnear were the top scorers. Overall, Primo was solid in the loss, as evidenced by his 37 saves.

The missile sank due to indiscipline

The missile received four consecutive penalties, including a double penalty kick, starting from the last minute of the first half. The defensive specialists played their part to perfection, especially holding the fort for 151 seconds as they had to fight with two less men. When Torrey Delo came out of purgatory to cheering from the crowd after the rescue on the brink of death De Primo in his half circle, the rocket had just muzzled a T-Birds power game for the sixth time.

Then the score was frozen at 1-1 and the worst looked at the back. But the resistance came at a price, and the missile ran out of credit.

The Thunderbirds ended up scoring twice in the 2:30 space, each time thanks to the action of a striker positioned near the hole ready to leap in return. Thus Peyton, immediately upon the success of his colleague Hugh McGing, gave the first sledgehammer to the wall of the building.

“Our start to the match was good, it was a good first period. After that, even if we did an excellent job with the penalty kick, it was very difficult, Alex Pilzel admitted after the match. Indirectly, they had Pushing force however. We can say what we want about penalty kicks, but we can’t give 5v3 goals to such an attackingly talented team. »

“We took a lot of hits, that’s for sure,” said coach Jean-Francois Hoully, who was still ready to give his comrades the benefit of the doubt in some of them. Our special units were excellent, but they should have given us some of them Pushing force It had the opposite effect. [Les Thunderbirds] They played a very good game, a heavy game in our area and it was difficult to defend them. »

Scheunemann rebounded at Place Bell by defeating Joel Hoover before the end of the period, but it soon became apparent after the second break that the Rocket had run out of shots.

Nerves caught at the end of the third. Belzel threw the gloves against senior Dakota Joshua to defend young Joshua Roy, who was playing his first game as a professional.

To justify his gesture, Bilzel said, “The guy came out young, he’s a good young man full of talent and we have to organize ourselves so that he feels comfortable on the ice.” When one of our brothers gets hit from behind – I thought it was a pretty mean blow, to be polite – something had to be done. I didn’t think much, I reacted. »

Danic Martel started fighting with Tyler Tucker. Joel Tisdale also went to pass letters near Warden Hoover. It remains to be seen if they will resonate with Rocket’s when the series continues Friday at Place Bell.

“We lost control of emotions, especially in the third period, lamenting Harvey Benard. Perhaps that should have been handled better. We will have to come up with another state of mind for the next game.”

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