How to improve your business communication

How to improve your business communication

Whether you have a start-up, small or medium-sized business, you definitely want a perfect communication system to ensure constant communication with your employees, partners and customers.

Cloudli is a telecom service provider that offers you a customized solution tailored to your needs. Learn more about the options Cloudli offers in the rest of this article.

Unify your communications

centering It will make your telecommunication system more efficient as well as allow you to deliver an impeccable customer experience.

Communication Monitor

Cloudli Connect provides you with business telephony with a suite of applications that allow you to improve the working capabilities of your employees remotely. You can also choose cloud-connected office phones for your face-to-face employees.

No matter where your team is, all users will always be connected to a single cloud-based phone system.

Calls or texts

You can now contact your customers and partners by text or phone with your business line, whichever suits you best. For calls, you can be sure that there is always a voice connection from High quality.

Do not change the number

By choosing Cloudli Connect, you do not need to change your phone number. The package you are using will simply be transferred to Cloudli in order to give you access to the tailored package which may include:

  • Unlimited calls
  • Text messages.
  • Conferences
  • robotic receptionist
  • and more.

Contact Center

With Cloudli Contact Center (optional module), you provide your customers with an enhanced support experience. You can, among other things:

  • Configure your virtual queues so that your customers can hang up and call them back without losing the priority of their calls;
  • Set up skill-based routing so your callers are quickly connected to the right agent;
  • Reset agents in real time to improve call handling statistics.

Customized pricing

With Cloudli, you only pay for the services you really need. You can also choose economic plan that combine the most popular features to get your business up and running quickly.

Many features

Several features are offered in Cloudli to meet the needs of everyone, no matter the size of your business.

  • Unlimited connections – Unlimited local and long-distance calls and texts anywhere in Canada and the US.
  • Powerful Cloud Applications Your business phone system will follow you everywhere, no matter where you go.
  • Many possible integrations – Connect CRM, PBX, Microsoft Teams, and many other tools with ease.
  • Interactive and efficient call center – Match clients and agents according to their skills thanks to intelligent routing, configure your own virtual queues and manage your call center wherever you are.
  • high quality services Enjoy superior reliability with voice and messaging quality. Stay connected to your team and customers, no matter where you work.

If you want to improve your corporate communication system, feel free to contact Cloudli experts for a custom quote.

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