Can Samuel Savoy take inspiration from Antoine Roussel?

Montreal – Samuel Savoy is fun and unifying in everyday life, during matches, he has a hateful side to Brad Marchand or Antoine Roussell. It’s hard to predict whether it will be enough to draft it on July 8.

Savoie is the typical player you don’t want to be around much. When we learn that for Sam Oliver, of Voltigeurs de Drummondville, it’s already been ten years since he crossed swords with Savoie, we feel like saying “poor him.”

But that was before we knew that rivalry born in New Brunswick’s junior hockey game turned into a friendship. When forming the county teams, skaters had the opportunity to wear the same jacket.

“Oh, facing him is less fun. He has a lot of energy on the rink and he’s consistently 100% ahead. He never leaves you and he’s always chasing the disc,” said Oliver.

“He has become one of my best friends, I’ve been attached to since I was little. He’s always there for me and vice versa too. The current runs really well between us,” added Savoy, who feels privileged to live a QMJHL adventure with an old friend.

The evil attacker not only cares about his speed and his shoulder strikes, he likes to chat with his opponents to destabilize them. Oliver has a smile in his voice as he says Savoy doesn’t play this little game with him often.

“That’s because he’s known me for so long, I can’t really touch his head. Hu Clever So it’s not worth it for me to try myself with him, he already knows what I’m trying to do. Savoy explained, laughing.

Unsurprisingly, his role sometimes gets him into trouble.

“The other strongest teams, they don’t really like me chasing their good players. Every time I’ve had a disc, they’ve wanted to hit me, but that’s part of the game and I’m not a style I’m afraid of,” Savoy replied.

He may push the scouts towards Savoy

Combined with the four defenders (Tristan Lono, Maverick Lamoreaux, Noah Warren, and Jeremy Langlois), the 2022 classic doesn’t look exceptional. However, some scouts assigned to the Corto circuit may feel they have colluded with their teammates to invest a pistol in the Savoy, the Gatineau Olympiques small energy ball.

“With his speed and fighting spirit, he has the perfect image of a future fourth grader. There are few players like these in QMJHL, he is an epidemic. In terms of talent, I would have liked to see more offensive production and better hands. But you can’t help loving him when You watch him play. Because of his goal tally (18 goals and 15 assists in 64 games), I can’t put him very high on my list,” one scout who was surveyed described anonymously.

Even if there was nothing to assure him that he had been recruited, Savoy would travel from Dieppe, New Brunswick, to Bell Center. He asserts that “it wouldn’t be the end of the world” if no team opened that door to the NHL for him. Relentless in his dream, he is already mentally ready to pay it.

With a few inches taller than his stature (five feet nine and a half), teams were wondering a little about him.

“It’s easy to see that he’s very competitive and competitive, those are very good qualities. But would he be able to do the job in the NHL with this physique? That’s the question I ask myself. If not, does he have enough talent to make up?” That’s the question the teams will be asking themselves in the draft.”

“The guys who play that physical style, he’s six foot two or six foot three guys. He’s five and nine. It’s a bit annoying because you like the way he plays, but he doesn’t have the physical strength to do his job,” a third source added.

However, some colleagues seem to be less afraid.

“It doesn’t bother me at all because of the way it plays. Its engine is always running and the pedal is on the floor. You can use it in all kinds of situations. I really, really like its qualities,” confirmed this recruit.

With his delegate sense, Savoy knew what to respond to teams that questioned his offensive arsenal.

“Clubs watched me play in the second half of the season, and that was when I was the best. I was playing with my teammates like Zach Dean, it went really well with him. It’s a team I have to keep next year. The left-handed said in the first part.” From the year it was more physical play and more physical play.”

Russell’s example is at hand

Coming from the Maritimes, Savoie feels a natural connection to Brad Marchand’s annoying side. But some recruits see him instead as a possible version of Antoine Roussel.

“It’s rare for QMJHL players who get 0.5 points per game to end up playing in the NHL. There are exceptions like Russell, you guys that their level of commitment is very high. They have something special, they don’t accept being told no. The recruiter asked me if it was Russell. Next? I said that it could be, but it is still difficult to put money on it, ”explained the first recruiter quoted in the article.

Savoie will be delighted to have achieved Roussel’s competence in the NHL and is pleased to hear that some recruits can promote his candidacy with their managers.

“I see it as a compliment, I have worked hard all my life to achieve my dream. However, it is not over and I have a big season ahead of me next year with a very good team.”

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