Advice from Dr. Serge Raval. To buy strawberries, raspberries and cherries without moderation…

Health benefits of three seasonal red fruits, strawberry, raspberry, and cherry, facts about doctor Serge Raval. We will listen to the events in Israel … and above all buy the wonderful red fruits of thistle caramel.

RADIO J. I have talked a lot into this microphone about the benefits of antioxidants for health, and it seemed instructive to encourage listeners to hurry up to the red fruit that unfortunately has a very short season, while recognizing the cost. A recent survey showed us that the average budget for fruits and vegetables is around €30 per week. And when I see the price of some strawberries like gargit, I realize the difficulties of my advice. But my role is to provide information on the health benefits of food, and thus today about the indisputable role of the summer red fruit.

Oxidative stress corresponds to an attack on the cells of the body by certain molecules, free radicals, or “reactive oxygen species”. These substances are usually neutralized by the body’s antioxidant system, the Department of Roads, and the Police. It is a perpetual “war and peace” played that decides health if antioxidants take over, disease if it succumbs to the number and aggressiveness of free radicals. The body is able to resist the release of some free radicals. If they are produced in very large quantities under certain pathological conditions that suit them (illness and medication intake, pollution, alcoholism, smoking, excessive sun exposure, Rxs X, stress, excessive physical activity, etc.), they can overwhelm the body. Defenses and the body and attack it. This then needs to be helped by external contributions, especially food, including red fruits specifically, which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

The composition of the strawberry is interesting primarily because it is one of the fruits with the fewest calories and the strongest antioxidant power. Strawberries contain 35 calories per 100 grams, including 7 grams of high-quality sugars (levulose). Composed of 90% water, it contains a good amount of interesting micro-nutrients, polyphenols (antiocyanin and flavonoids), trace elements (magnesium, manganese, potassium), 2.5g of fiber per 100g and 3 antioxidant vitamins (little A (beta) ) -carotene), a lot of vitamins C ++ (60 mg), little E), vitamins B. Note that frozen strawberries are richer in vitamins than fresh fruits … that would have passed 2-3 days in a compartment Vegetables in the fridge.

Tagada strawberry? Pure sugar, 88g/100g, 360 calories/100g! Outside the health department.

Raspberries have a very similar composition to strawberries and therefore have the same properties. It’s 87% water, just over 4g of fiber, 6g of sugars, 20mg of Vitamin C…and the same micro-nutrients (anthocyanins++).

Cherries are moderate in calories, about 70 calories per 100 grams. On the other hand, it is sweeter (14 grams) than other red fruits. Rich in carotenoids, polyphenols, minerals (magnesium, phosphorous, potassium ++) and vitamins B and C. But be careful because bread loses most of its properties. Too bad for Clavutis.

An old French proverb says, “If there were red fruits all year round, then respectable doctors would only wear their shirts.” Fortunately for us, they only exist at this time. So try to take advantage of it.

Dr. Serge Raval

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