Where does the fat go when you lose weight?

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Do you know what process is followed when your body loses fat? Where exactly is he going and how?

Losing body fat is a good thing, but where does it go? If some part is converted to water, the majority is exported through our breathing. But not only, because the body knows how to “burn” its fat to turn it into energy… You still have to be in a low-calorie state!

Where does the fat go in weight loss?

Removing the pounds from the scale is not easy. Especially when you don’t really know what’s going on in the body in terms of weight loss! biggest mistake? The belief that the body only uses fat for energyas if the surplus could simply be absorbed and consumed by the body.

think that The body knows how to turn fat into muscle It is also completely wrong. Some fuzzy theories suggest that fat seeps through the colon (false) or that muscle literally burns, due to the heat of effort, fat particles (also pseudo). But then, where does the fat go?!

The simple answer is : turns into water and carbon dioxide. The water is then naturally discharged (mainly through sweating), while carbon dioxide is exhaled through breathing.

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Weight loss or dehydration: What happens in the body?

For a complete and detailed answer, find out 84% of the lost fat is excreted through the lungs in the form of carbon dioxide. Don’t worry, you won’t have leftovers in the chest because before reaching this farewell stage, the fat has already undergone many organic transformations.

The actual fat in your body goes through a stage of gluconeogenesis, when your body fills your muscles with glucose after converting protein fats into glucose. This glucose also travels to the organs (liver and kidneys). Then the time will come when atoms remainwhile chemical bonds are dissipated in the intestine after the organism generates energy. These atoms are then converted to carbon dioxide It has expired!

And aside from calorie considerations, your body fat doesn’t really count. Human has added to it quantitative values ​​(kilograms, calories) but in the end, everything depends on a report body needs / Provided Resources.

In fact, if too many resources are given to the body, it will store glucose and other nutrients as fat “for later”. If there are not enough resources, then this stock will be diverted to the supply of organs and muscles, thereby “burning” fat!

Burning calories through exercise and how it works

If the fat is leaking out through the breath…would breathing be the most effective weight loss diet? Well no, unfortunately there is only one way to increase the rate at which fats are converted to carbon dioxide, The sports.

By moving its muscles, it activates the body to find energy, even if it means shrinking its reserves (usually After 45 to 60 minutes of activity). The good news is that it works with any activity:

  • Walking (We advise you The Afghan march To maximize the effects!)
  • bicycle
  • Management
  • HIIT cardio exercises
  • BodyBuilding
  • anaerobic
  • …etc

So maintain regular physical activity and correct your diet to be in a low-calorie state more often, and you are done. No need to suffer Being fewer calories does not mean you are going into a complete fast. You can simply burn more calories by exercising! The opportunity to eat what satiates him, but also to force the body to use all that energy in addition to the bonus.

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