Departure from Burggen: A breath of fresh air for the rocket

The time Mark Bergvin spent in Montreal was not particularly useful to his school club.

In nine seasons under his rule, the team only qualified for the playoffs once and was unable to win a playoff round. Whether in Hamilton, St John or Laval, the results were hungry. The Canadian branch of the MLS has won only 271 of the 554 regular season games played (about 49%).

It took six disappointing seasons under Slavine Lefebvre before he let go. Without qualifying for the playoffs, Joel Bouchard performed much better during his three years at the helm, but mysteriously left his position.

But things are very different this year, and for the first time since 2011, the Habs Academy is in the AHL semi-finals.

According to Anthony Marcotte, descriptor of Laval’s rocket at 91.9 Sports, the arrival of Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes has a lot to do with it:

feel [depuis l’arrivée de Hughes et Gorton] We want to win the MLS. We really want to go a long way and are ready to help the school club in its efforts. This wasn’t always the case under Mark Bergievin.

In fact, many of the maneuvers by Kent Hughes were performed to assist the missile. For example, when the Canadian season wasn’t over yet, Cory Scheuenemann, Raphael Harvey Bennard, and Jesse Yellonen sent in to finish their season at the end of the orange streak.

Instead of sending Cédric Paquette home, he was allowed to finish his season at Laval and thus added a player of great experience to Jean-François Houle’s squad.

However, according to Marcotte, it is quite the opposite of what was seen under the previous general manager.

Since he left [à Bergevin], around the team, some tongues loosened. Some throughout the organization didn’t always find that D.G. Bergevin had done everything he could to help the club’s school.

On Twitter, Andrew Zadarnowski went there with this anecdote that makes Bergevin look rather bad.

Sure, all of this should be taken with caution, but there is probably some truth to what he says.

Then when we analyze the school club’s possession under Bergevin, the results speak for themselves.

Hughes and Gorton’s enthusiasm for the rocket is very encouraging. The Farm Club is an absolutely essential tool for any NHL club.

For ten years, Lightning affiliates have won the Calder Cup, in addition to participating in two finals. Many players from modern versions of Lightning played major roles in these long paths (Palat, Gudas, Gourde, Johnson, etc.).

The branch in AHL is an essential component of the development system. With a host of choices in recent drafts, many more Hab hopefuls are expected to arrive at Laval in the coming years.

Next year, we will closely follow the seasons of players like Xhekaj, Mysak, Heineman, Norlinder and maybe Guhle or Harris…

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Speaking of the Rocket, here is the schedule for the semi-final matches:

– Very impressive!

– Hope CH will be suspended.

– Follow…

– And vice versa in the West!

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