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Video Games: Here are the big releases for June 2022

The year continues to follow its young path and the video game industry remains quiet. After a fairly intense first quarter with several major releases (Horizon Forbidden West, The Elden Ring, Gran Turismo 7…), we’re having a fairly quiet second quarter. June may come alive with several press conferences as part of the Summer Games Festival. In the meantime, here are the different games to watch out for until the end of spring and the start of summer in style!

The Three Essential Video Games May 2022


  • Available at : June 10, 2022
  • bows : PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

The first big release in June 2022 is The Quarry, the fantastic return of Supermassive games (Till Dawn) with a game that’s likely to keep us fascinated! In the program, a quiet weekend at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp, near a lake. This time around, we control nine teens who simply want to enjoy the end of their long vacation before returning to the normal rhythm of the new school year. Unfortunately for them, things will very quickly turn into a nightmare and they will realize that the majestic forests of Camp Hackett hide a dark secret…

Feel free to read or re-read our preview here for more details on The Quarry.

Quarry pre-order

Mario Strikers Battle League Soccer

  • Available at : June 10, 2022
  • bows : transform

The second game to watch in June 2022 is of course the return of Mario Strikers with Battle League Football exclusively on Nintendo Switch. More than 15 years after the release of the last version (Mario Strikers Charged Football on Wii), the world’s most popular sport is back with the new Nintendo console. In the program, a delicious mix between FIFA (for the football side), Mario Kart (for items and traps that will liven up your matches) and Smash Bros. (for side scrum without rules). Believe us, there will be sports in this game that will allow you to play up to eight on the same device!

Check out our Mario Strikers Battle League Football preview now for more info!

Mario Strikers Pre-order Football League Battle

Fire Emblem Warriors – Three Hopes

  • Available at : June 24, 2022
  • bows : transform

Finally, the last major release for June 2022 is Fire Emblem Warriors – Three Hopes, the new version of the popular saga. More specifically, it is the second crossover between the Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors video game series. In this new title, you will find characters from several Fire Emblem games. Three Hopes tells an original story set in Fire Emblem: Three Houses universe.

Pre-order Fire Emblem Warriors – Three Hopes


Discover all the video games of June 2022

The three video games in our pick aren’t the only titles planned for June 2022. The next few weeks will be very quiet, with very few titles to discover.

  • [02 Juin] Diablo Emotal – PC, iOS, Android
  • [10 Juin] quarry – PS5, Series X/S, PC, PS4, One
  • [10 Juin] Mario Strikers Battle League Soccer -converts
  • [22 Juin] Sonic Origins – PS5, Series X/S, PC, PS4, One, Switch
  • [24 Juin] Fire Emblem Warriors – Three Hopes -converts

Do you want to discover all the games planned for this year 2022? But also the first video games of 2023? Find out now the release schedule of major video games on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia right here!

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