The dismissal changed everything for Boghossian

Tampa – Zach Bogosian has been sandboarding for just over two years. In fact, he hardly skates anymore.

Because even though they were struggling on the ice, the Buffalo Sabers, who got his services from the Winnipeg Jets in the course of a big deal – Bogosian and Evander Kane took the Buffalo direction in exchange for a first-round pick in 2015 (Jack Ruslovich), giant defensive man Tyler Myers , Joel Jeremiah, Drew Stafford and Brendan Lemieux – they no longer play him. Bogosian suffered the humiliation of watching several matches from the press fair. Even worse, the other 30 teams ignored him when he found himself in an exemption.

Boghossian had several injuries that were slowing him down and preventing him from playing his potential, and he became a financial burden due to his 5,182,857 salary on Sabers payroll.

The third player selected in the 2008 draft, promising a brilliant career that began at the age of 18 with Atlanta Thrashers led by John Anderson succeeding Bob Hartley, Bogosian was finally removed from the Cypress locker room by his then head coach Ralph Krueger and former general manager Jason Putrell. Who summoned him to join the farm club in Rochester.

What Boghossian refused to do.

This decision could have ended his career. The exact opposite happened as his confrontation with Sabers management was a stepping stone to better days.

And how!

The veteran defender who has never played a playoff in his career found himself in Tampa and won the Stanley Cup with Lightning in 2020. He could lift the cup again in a few days.

Excellent cost-benefit ratio

Lightning’s general manager, Julien BriseBois, has taken advantage of the full autonomy once granted to Bogosian by Sabers on February 22, 2020 to prosecute the veteran defender.

BriseBois will never be able to get Bogosian and his salary below the $5.1 million cap. But because he was as free as air and wanted to prove to himself and the entire hockey world that he wasn’t the ultimate defender described by Saber management, Boghossian, two days after his dismissal, accepted the criteria of a $1.3 million contract to complete the 2019-20 season with Lightning.

Bogosian made such a good impression in the locker room two years ago that Julien Presboa offered him a three-year contract last summer to bring him back to his team’s blue streak at the end of his season in Toronto.

At $850,000 per year, Bogosian offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio for Lightning. It develops within the third duo. He plays regularly with Mikhail Sergachev, who took over the helm. From 17 minutes 40 seconds when he was in qualifying two years ago, his average usage time has dropped to 12 minutes 25 seconds this year. But Bogosian provides good minutes for his superiors and is a well-liked and respected player in the dressing room.

The culture of respect and winning

It is this respect for him that explains Boghossian’s return to form and strength two years ago. Which also explains the fact that he has maintained a much higher level of performance than he gave the Sabers during his six seasons at Buffalo.

“Things were very difficult there. The team was losing a lot. There was no winning culture within this organization. In addition, I was often injured and had personal issues that were far from helping my cause,” the veteran defender Crusader explained last Tuesday In Denver, during the big media day that was sent to the final.

“I played great by standing up to my old team. But I was well surrounded by my family who supported me in this decision. Once in Tampa, I found myself in a context completely opposite to the one I was immersed in before. The players are family in Tampa. We We are all pushing in the same direction. We demand for ourselves and our teammates. We don’t hesitate to ask for corrections when necessary, but it is done with respect and harmony. When I arrived I felt welcome. I was told to forget the past and think about what I can do now for my new club, for my new teammates. “.

Although he courted Zac Bogosian twice instead of once to add to his training, even though it was he and his crew who provided him with a springboard to relaunch his career, Julian Presbois ensures all credit goes to the veteran defender.

“Zach fits in well with what we had to give him as a role. He brings a lot of experience and a lot of leadership. He does more defensive tasks with us. It’s very different from what he had as a job at the beginning of his career and it fits better with what he’s giving at this point.” Of his career.But all the credit goes to him.Julian Presbois made it clear that he not only accepted this new role and doubled down on his efforts to ensure he does it well with us.

In the 19 playoffs played so far, Zac Bogosian has had three assists. One less than the four he earned in 20 games, two years ago, during his first Stanley Cup win with Lightning in Tampa Bay.

In the 2008 draft, Bogosian was named after Lightning captain Stephen Stamkos, and Los Angeles Kings star Drew Dottie. Several excellent defenders were claimed in the first through second rounds: Alex Petrangelo, right after Bogosian, and Eric Carlson on 15e Rank, John Carlson at 27e and Roman Josi earned by the Nashville Predators early in the second round at 38e Selection.

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