To fight against RONA, you have to hold out

Three official notifications and three subsequent inspections, a pair of retired people from Estri are still fighting against the giant RONA (Lowe’s), which they hold responsible for damage related to poor repairs on their rooftop.

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We hired them for peace of mind, but the opposite happened. A big influencer is trying to take advantage of the small citizen. “We won’t let her go,” says Daniel Terrain in the kitchen of his Bromont home.

When he and his wife, Jocelyn, decided to sell the property, in June 2021, they discovered that water was seeping through the outside hood of the chimney.

The former bus driver makes a simple fix to plug the loophole. Friends alert him: Their roof was rebuilt in 2014 and it’s not normal for the chimney to be affected.

But no contractor is available to come in and do $5,000 worth of work on the chimney. Home sale plan cancelled.

The couple then called Bruna, who was hired in 2014 to renovate the roof.

“That’s when we started playing yo-yos,” Jocelyn Gauthier sums up.

long silence

They first met a sales coordinator in March, in Granby, and then nothing. Daniel sums up: “We call you back, they say, but they never call you back.”

With pain and misery, they finally got an answer: the contractor who came to get the work done in 2014, a subcontractor, no longer works for RONA, which can do nothing.

The couple sent a formal notice to RONA on March 18, 2022. They asked the company to send someone to find out the damage caused by the intrusion and to acknowledge its responsibilities.


A building inspector commissioned by RONA appears at their home on March 30th. RONA then offered to pay 40% of the damages – which is still $5,000 – without admitting anything.

The couple declines and sends a new official notice. They want 100%.

“There, they’re no longer playing yo-yos, they are stretching the elastic,” Jocelyn explains.

A new inspector is sent by Rona. The company refuses to report to the couple. They are now offered a check for $5,000 “without acceptance and for the sole purpose of avoiding the inconvenience of litigation.”

Without the second inspector’s report, Daniel and Jocelyn were forced to hire their own inspector, who discovered that the business was a failure in 2014. Not only did the water seep into the chimney, but also seeped into many places in the attic.

The damage can be significant, but to find out, you have to open the roof completely.

The inspector notes that there is no visible flash, which usually prevents intrusion. No valley plate is visible either, which is an important part of the seal.

The couple made an offer to rebuild the roof: $18,000.

The third official notification was sent on June 6: The couple asked RONA for a $50,000 extension to return the roof and repair the intrusion damage.

Newspaper I called Bruna (Louise) on Thursday 9th June at 11am. The couple received a new offer of a check for $18,000 at 7 p.m. that evening.

“The offer we made yesterday was made in a confidential envelope and without any acceptance, and has nothing to do with your interference. Lowe’s spokeswoman Valerie Gonzalo told us yesterday.

The fight is still going on

The retired couple have no intention of accepting the new offer.

“Now they’re willing to pay $18,000 because we fought. They don’t want to admit responsibility, but they’re willing to pay $18,000. It’s going to cost us a lot more for the damages, and we’re not going to pay for it,” Daniel says.

The sixty-year-old wants to get his story out so the young citizens who are being bullied by the powerful know that by fighting back we can get there.

“If he can change things for three days or three months, he really will,” he says.

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