Back to School: Almost Everything Costs More

in 2019, Newspaper I embarked on a bargain search with six companies to discover twenty of the most sought after school supplies by schools, at the lowest price. At the time, the ideal bill was just over $30. Three years later, a similar purchase exceeded $45, after visiting Staples, Walmart, and Jean Coutu. Here are some of our notes.

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Visit Three Big Banners on Tuesday, August 2 Newspaper I found significant price discrepancies for similar items.

The price of a pencil sharpener with a tank varies from store to store. For example, between Walmart ($0.97) and Staples ($4.19), the price difference was more than $3.

For wooden pencils, this time around, Staples offers the most attractive price for a box of 24 colored pencils at $2.79. At Walmart, you’ll have to pay $5.97, compared to $3.99 at Jean Coutu, for a different brand on sale.

In 2019, more than one store offered these 24 pencils for $1.99 or less.

No bargaining for bags

While nearly all supplies are more expensive than they were in 2019, the rise was particularly noted in 2-inch ring binders. three years ago, Newspaper I found them for $2.99 ​​and all the major chains were selling them for under $6. This year, the cheapest found before Newspaper They were at Jean Cotto ($6.29). A similar product at Staples was over $10.

More 10 ¢ Duo-Tangs

It was in 2019 and it still is: Duo-Tang at $0.10.

Ironically, three years ago, Newspaper They found it at Walmart and Staples. This year, it was Montreal’s Jean Couto who offered that “unbeatable” price, according to Parsa Islam, a mom we interviewed on the site. In fact, an actor register I found that Walmart ($0.15) and Staples ($0.82) offered no less.


Newspaper He visited three stores in Montreal on August 2nd: Bureau en gros, Jean Coutu, and Walmart. Prices before store-recorded taxes are given on the same unit of measure due to different shapes. For example, we find the price of one Duo-Tang, even if it is sold in packages. The lowest price for each series was used only for comparison purposes, but some products were not available in all stores, which limited the choice. Prices may have changed between the time of review and publication of the article.

Families in a bargain hunt

Parsa Islam, a mother of two, starts shopping for school supplies early, here in Montreal Jean Couto.

Clara Loiso’s photo

Parsa Islam, a mother of two, starts shopping for school supplies early, here in Montreal Jean Couto.

The search for discounts continues for many families hoping to find the best deals so they don’t spend too much on supplies because the school year is fast approaching and everything is getting more and more expensive.

“There are really interesting specials, but the problem is that teachers often have special product requests […] And they are more expensive,” explains Parsa Islam, a mother of two children who will be back in school in a few weeks.

Turn on discounts

Even if families still have about 20 days to enjoy the holidays, many are starting to shop for supplies now to avoid a high bill, especially in this context of inflation.

“I always shop for discounts, and once I see products that are a little more expensive than the year before, I wait a few weeks to find them cheaper elsewhere,” says Maya Bou Samra, a mother of two in elementary school. . , which is preparing to pay more this year.

The higher everything, the higher the M.I Islam also believes that the price of supplies this year will have a greater impact on the portfolio.

“Before, for two kids, we could have $100, but now it’s more, maybe $150, $200,” she says.

more than one store

Although they started filling their cart at Jean Coutu on Tuesday afternoon, these two nations know they’ll have to look at the Bureau en gros to find other deals later.

“Usually, by going to several stores, I know that I will be able to find everything at a discount, so I will not pay much,” says the lady.I Bo Samra.

Same story by a mother of four she met at a Walmart in East Montreal.

“I really look at all the flyers and really go to the stores where I will find the cheapest products, because sometimes there is still a two or three dollar difference for the same product,” she explains.

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