Brendan Gallagher, a rare example of success in Montreal

This Sunday, Brendan Gallagher will celebrate his twelfth birthday as a member of the Montreal Canadiens.

Since that fateful day on June 26, 2010, when he was named 147th overall, the striker has been a model for Habs. In ten seasons with CH, he scored 381 points, of which 194 were goals, in 638 games. He also ranks 34th in franchise history for matches played and 27th in goals scored.

But above all, it is an example of stability and longevity. He has always been recognized as a player who, despite his very small size, presents himself every night. When we think of a player who has a Canadian tattoo on his heart, we think of him.

Will he be a captain one day? Probably not, but in the meantime, he remains a role model for young people to follow.

Besides Carrie Price, he is also the one who has played with Montreal the longest. After these two men, who has seniority?

Jeff Petrie, but that could change soon…

However, when one thinks of Gallagher’s career, one thing comes to mind. In fact, it is a very rare exception. In the past 15 years, No. 11 has been one of very few players to have settled in Montreal after being selected by the club in recent rounds.

Test question: Since 2008, how many players drafted by Habs in innings 3-7 have played at least 250 NHL games?

Only one, namely the Gallagher.

From an organizational point of view, this is a fiasco in both recruitment and development.

During this same period, the Panthers themselves had 5, 3 Oilers and 5 Demons as well.

We’re a long way from talking about the big organizations in the NHL here.

Is it normal for a team with as many resources as the Montreal Canadiens to show such a record? of course no. Under Mark Bergevin, the draft and development were disastrous. These are certainly the main reasons for the team’s decline in recent years.

Drafting good players this late is obviously difficult, but any organization worth the effort gets a good shot every now and then.

Not Canadian…

Fortunately, since their arrival in Montreal, Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes have put a lot of effort into improving recruitment and development.

As for Gallagher, he was slowly becoming a burden to the Chiefs. His contract, which earns him $6.5 million a year, is still valid for five years. At 22.5 million for six years, the one he signed in 2014 definitely made him a godsend.

But the contract signed last October may be one of Berggen’s worst legacies.

Let us hope, as my colleague Charles Alexis Presboa was talking about that day, that he returns in good health.

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– Fabulous!

– Or a journalist (fan) from Boston…

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