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Weekly, Journalism Scans the TV view to select four titles to watch.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

Safe bet: Conversations with friends

If this Irish-British series reminds you Ordinary people, That’s understandable, because it’s an adaptation of another novel by Sally Rooney, author of the unforgettable love story between Marianne and Connell. This time, we dive into the world of Frances (Allison Oliver), a somewhat reserved literature student, who with her best friend and ex-boyfriend Bobby (Sasha Lane) has relationships with Jemima (Melissa Baines) and Nick (Joe Alwyn), an older couple. Then things get complicated… Ordinary peopleAnd the Conversations with friends He never backs down from silence or potential annoyance. We also love the versatility of acting and the originality of the dialogues.

Prime Video (the series is presented in French with French subtitles)

the new : The Butterfly Effect

Photo courtesy of UNIS TV

The Butterfly Effect

In this fun documentary series, three guys in their twenties – Samuel, girlfriend Anne Marie, and best friend Arjuna – travel across Canada to fulfill a list of 39 dreams and challenges. Their epic begins in Quebec with a high-flying diving event, which they perform with the help of extreme sports athlete Lysanne Richard. In the second part of the episode, the trio must turn Anne Marie’s brother, who has autism spectrum disorder, into a rock star. To accomplish this task, Samuel, Anne-Marie, and Arjuna used the services of the Half Moon Run group. It is worth noting that they immortalize each challenge by taking Photograph Using a Polaroid camera. We love rituals.

Unis TV, Mondays 6:30 p.m. (Episodes will also be available online at

Specialized channels: victorious per second

Photo courtesy of TVA Group

victorious per second

After meeting families living in poverty in end of the month Having studied homelessness in opposite the streetJean-Marie Labpointe moves victorious per second, a documentary series focusing on high-level athletes with disabilities and, above all, the people around them. Directed by Pierre Antoine Fournier (like magic), episode one portrays Matthew St. Pierre, a Parakanui athlete from Shawinigan who went to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2021, six years after he suffered a serious jungle accident that paralyzed his legs. The half hour is downright inspiring, especially when you see the tireless warrior training by doing pull-ups (chin top) in a wheelchair.

ME AND CIE, Monday at 9 p.m.

In catch-up: the black monster


the black monster

You haven’t seen yet the black monster Because you did not subscribe to Series Plus? It’s your lucky day. Until July 31, excellent suspense thriller directed by Sophie Derasby (AntigoneAvailable for free online. Written by Patrick Lowe (Obsessions, the whole truthand Annabelle Fishrun away, run away), is about a grieving mother (the formidable Isabel Blaise, who was crowned Best Actress at the recent Gemini Awards) who seeks to understand why her 16-year-old son committed a high school mass murder. We bet it would be impossible to watch these six episodes without thinking about the recent massacre in Ovaldi, Texas. the black monster It also stars Stephane Gagnon, Maren Johnson, Sophie Kedio and Martin Dubereuil.

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