The friendly trio of Lamoro, Luno and Warren

Buffalo – It would be an exaggeration to claim they didn’t feel nervous during NHL review week, but Maverick Lamoreaux, Tristan Lono and Noah Warren had the privilege of experiencing this together.

Since their arrival in Buffalo, the three QMJHL defensemen have been inseparable. Since they all have a good sense of humor (do not miss the video associated with the article), one would like to say that they look like the gang of Dalton. But hey, they are smarter and smarter than them and there are a few missing from the group. Luneau, although at six feet tall, could pass for the little one considering Lamoureux has a six-foot-seven frame and Warren is a close second at six-foot-five.

Lamore was quick to stress that it pays to be well surrounded.

“I was in the same room with Tristan. In the evening, we shared our notes on the teams, and told each other tough little interview questions. If we learned something from a team, we talked about it. Yesterday (Friday) we saw the new Better together. (David) Jewett was with us, too. We spent most of the week together whether we were eating out or just walking around town. I knew them very well, but I was able to get closer to them,” said the great right-hander of the Voltigeurs de Drummondville.

And no, Lamoru was not given a nickname Better, because of his first name. But he often hears about it and seems to impose itself as an idea.

For those who watched the 1986 version of BetterThere is competition within the flock. So even though Lamoreaux, Luno, and Warren are buddies, they all aspire to win the small enlistment rank competition.

“Of course it would be fun to be picked first, but we don’t really talk about that because we are friends. At the same time, there is definitely competition and it would be nice to get ahead of it,” Warren voiced.

Also very friendly, Lamorio admits that it is impossible to avoid competing on this topic.

“Of course it is a goal and there is a little competition, but it is not a bad competition. I am in the same agency as Tristan, we are good friends. But he would certainly like to be recruited before me and it is the same on my part,” summed up Lamoreaux represented by Dominique Deblois.

As Nicholas Landry will tell you, the Canadian was identified as the team that conducted the most difficult interviews. New employees tried to destabilize hopes in various ways to get to know them better.

In order to respond well to the leaders of several clubs interested in his services, Lamoreaux chose the card of authenticity.

CH, the toughest team in the interview

“I feel like things went well. I was myself, I was smiling, I had good energy and wasn’t nervous. I wasn’t trying to come up with a role for myself in interviews and I think the recruits liked it. They noticed it right away,” said the right-hand man who admitted That he hunted after his first interview with Seattle.

“My agent emailed me any questions that might come up. He told us we could respectfully keep our point of view. Teams like this you don’t get pushed into,” said Lamoreaux, who believes he has had his best interviews with Edmonton, Detroit, Vancouver and Carolina.

If the CH group made up especially of Martin Lapointe and Nick Bobroff, recruiters and sports psychologist chased hopes, Lono had a somewhat comedic experience with the Colorado Avalanche.

After introducing himself briefly, he was invited to compete against an Avalanche manager of his choosing. The challenge was to throw as many candies (five attempts) into a trash can in the back of the room.

“But he was tied up after our five shots so he went into overtime and didn’t want to finish. In short, the game took almost all of the time. I got to the point where I wanted to ask if we were going to move on to continue the interview,” Luno said with a smile.

Like Warren and Lamorio, Lono prepared well for the interview process. After all, he had knee surgery last season which affected the first half of his season.

“I didn’t have any interviews for me. the challenger. I heard that some have more difficult questions including with Montreal. Some clubs were showing bad quotes from players and they had to explain their situation. “It went really well on my side,” Lono said.

The three companions also underwent physical tests within the same group. It all ended with the famous stationary bike test, a 30-second agony.

“Cycling is no fun, that’s for sure. But the rest went really well,” Lamoreaux said.

“They put a lot of resistance on the bike. When he tells you you’re in the mid-30s, you’re like ‘Phew….’ But that’s fun, they motivate us,” Warren emphasized.

In view of the published results, it can be confirmed that the three defenders have achieved excellent results in some tests. It was also interesting to see that Lamoru is the cutest of the trio, even if he still has to add about thirty pounds of muscle to his extremely slender build.

All the sacrifices invested will pay off on July 7th or 8th during the replay in Montreal. All of them anticipate this moment with excitement.

“All my family will be there, my friends too. My mother lives near the plateau,” emphasized Warren who has practiced many sports including swimming and athletics so well that he already has a great physical maturity.

*Over the next few days, we will be publishing an article dissecting the play of these three defenders under the eyes of the few recruits who spied on their journey.

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