And if he coined the Canadian .. Cutter Gaultier?

Buffalo – Wait a bit before throwing in the tomatoes. No animals were harmed in writing this address. We are just talking.

So the cutter Gauthier. The most pessimistic will say that’s what happens when all is said about Shane Wright and there is still a month to sell copies. It’s possible that these folks have already stopped reading and are currently exposing the joints along the way in the comments.

For those who are still with us, know that this name did not appear by chance in our thoughts. It first came out of the mouth of a National League recruit in a discussion that began about the dilemma that awaited the Canadian with his first pick in the next draft.

“I’m going to throw you a curve ball,” our source warned when we shared our questions about the use Kent Hughes would use of the ace he has up his sleeve. I’m not sure Cutter Gauthier will be better than Wright in the long run. »

He continued, “He is a man that no one talks about.” play [Logan] This year Cooley has played more often on the wing rather than the center. But he has the ability to play in the middle and comes more in the physical mold of Shane Wright. I, however, wouldn’t fall off my seat if I was a better hockey player [que Wright] in five years. »

As for the position issue, here’s the time. Gaultier actually moved to the left wing in the second half of last season to play on a streak completed by Cole and likely to play in the first round, right wing Jimmy Snogerode. But he has played sporadically in the past and will train there full time next year as he begins his undergraduate career at Boston College.

“I’ve felt like I’ve been very dominant the past few years in this role, both in the way I dictated the game and in the way I’ve been defending. It’s a turn I can’t wait to take,” he said this week at the Buffalo Probability Assessment Camp.

Gauthier was born in Sweden at the end of his football career to his father Sean, a Franco-Antari of Sudbury (son does not speak Molière) who was a far choice for the Winnipeg Jets as regent. His family later moved to Arizona where he was introduced to hockey. He uprooted himself again in his early teens to follow his development on the reputable Detroit area program.

Little Cutter soon grew large and greasy. NHL Central Scouting officially lists him at 6 feet 2, 189 pounds. Physically, he clearly belongs to this category of young men who quickly become men more than average.

His talent is also evident. He scored 34 goals and has 65 points in 54 games with the US Under-18 program this season. In the World Under-18 Championship, he added nine points in six matches. His shot is said to be his best, he’s a great competitor and his skate isn’t flamboyant either. Gauthier compares himself to Marc Chevelly and Pierre-Luc Dubois, comparisons that surface in our discussions with recruiters.

“It’s definitely a dream to be the first pick in the draft. You don’t hear my name often among the possibilities, but I definitely think I can be a part of that conversation,” he says confidently.

Dan Marr, director of Central, agrees with this assertion.

“He can interfere [dans le top-3 vraisemblablement occupé par Wright, Cooley et Juraj Slafkovsky] With ease, the expert evaluator agrees with an admiring smile. This will all depend on how the teams compile their roster, but it certainly has a place in the discussion. He has been very consistent throughout the season and is a player who always uses all the assets he has wisely. Intelligence, Skills, Size: Nothing is lacking. »

In the last ranking published before the draft was made, Centrale placed Gautier third among the top North American hopefuls. TSN critics Craig Button and Bob McKenzie less liked: They booked him respectively 7e and 13e step on their list.

Among the sports experts, we don’t get along. Corey Bronman sees him as his sixth best possibility as Scott Wheeler drops him to 18e Rank. The latter adds, however, that he has heard several similar opinions to Dan Mar’s and acknowledges that his high rating places him in the minority of observers.

In Quebec, polarization identified Simon Boisvert Gauthier as the second most beautiful project in this kufic behind Slafkovsky.

In a month, will Canadians use their first choice to craft a Cutter Gauthier? Mostly not. All we’re saying is that there are some very qualified people out there who think he has the power to make him regret it one day.

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