Artem Oganesyan at the mercy of “Crazy” Jardon

Artem Oganessian, one of the sponsors of the Eye of the Tiger administration, was obsessed with the ruthless attack of Dante “Crazy” Gardon on Thursday at the Cabaret du Casino de Montreal.

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Oganesyan (13-1, 11 KOs) withdrew by unanimous decision of the judges. Thus he relinquished his NABF welterweight belt and suffered his first professional loss.

Artem Oganesyan at the mercy

Mario Beauregard / QMI

Jardon (35-8, 25 K.-O.), a 43-year-old veteran of professional combat who had recently fought in England and Russia, did not want to know anything about an additional role, once hostilities began. His powerful hook hit the Moscow native in the first round.

“Crazy” Jardon lived up to his title by constantly pressing his opponent and doubling down on attacks while Oganesyan waited for his moment… which ultimately didn’t come.

Artem Oganesyan at the mercy

Mario Beauregard / QMI

The Mexican proved his great resistance to strikes and perfect physical form, and kept facing the corner for the overwhelming majority of the fight.

Successful comeback of Yves Ulysses Jr

Young Montrealer Yves Ulysse (21-2, 12 K.-O.) didn’t miss his chance on his return to the court, after an absence of nearly a year. Argentina’s Reuquen Facundo Arce (14-7-2, 7 KOs) made him see the stars in the third round.

The one, who wore the colors of the Montreal Carabines upon arriving in the ring, studied his 26-year-old opponent at the start of the fight, before delivering a heavy blow to the body to stop the duel.

His next target? World Championship battle, no less.

Artem Oganesyan at the mercy

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“I’m tired of playing in the schoolyard,” he said. This is not my place.”

Ulysse’s last fight dates back to July 7, 2021. Bored with an elbow injury, he was forced to concede before facing Antonio Moran last January.

Leila Baudouin is still undefeated

Quebec’s Leila Baudouin (6-0) maintained her perfect record by making France’s Amal Anouar (2-3-1) chomp on the dust by unanimous decision.

“everybody [sur quoi] We worked out in the gym, I applied it tonight, and the 26-year-old fired the athlete after a fight. The tactic you used with her [était] To set traps and not throw too many blows for nothing.”

Artem Oganesyan at the mercy

Mario Beauregard / QMI

She also made the walls of the cabaret hesitate by hitting her dry right in the face of Anwar in the third round, but the Le Canet native remained frozen, even trying to distract her opponent with facial expressions. However, French women were only able to break through Beaudouin’s armor very rarely.

Not unemployed in 2022, Témiscouataine was on her third fight in four months. However, she doesn’t intend to dampen her enthusiasm any time soon, and has promised to be back in the ring by the end of the year.

Artem Oganesyan at the mercy

Mario Beauregard / QMI

“We will do as many fights as possible. [pour] stay active. I didn’t finish boxing in 2022, that’s for sure. It’s already planned, but I don’t say more than that,” I concluded sarcastically.


Former Olympian Mary Spencer (5-0, 4 KOs) only needed 1:56. To hit Chris Namos (25-7, 8 kos) three times and end the hostilities with a knockout.

Montrealer Avery Martin-Duval (7-0-1, 4 KOs) got his money’s worth against Mexican Luis Reyes Carmona (9-2-1, 2 KOs), but everything similarly convinced him each of the judges to give him the win.

Quebec Luis Santana (6-0, 2 K.-O.) took on the biggest challenge of his young career by inflicting his first defeat on Mexican Sergio Hernandez Cruz (8-1-1, 6 K.-O.) by unanimous decision.

In a heated battle where the defense was not in the spotlight, Montrealer Hamza Khabbaz (4-0, 1 KO) defeated Mexican Marco Chino Villa (3-7) by unanimous decision.

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