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No more masks, physical distancing, restricted crowds… The 2022 edition of Francos de Montreal reminds us of the pre-pandemic years. Smiles were clearly visible at the Quartier des Spectacles on Friday evening, as thousands of Francophone music fans enjoyed a return to nature with verve, liveliness and unanimity.

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William Tyrault

William Tyrault

We trusted rapper Koriass, one of the faces of Quebec’s hip-hop, to launch the festivities — a challenge he said he was grateful for from the start. Naturally, spectators could hear many songs from his new album, Temporary Shelter (for the end of the world). But the artist also delighted his old fans with some of his classics, such as North MontrealAnd the BlacklightsAnd the asphalt kid where The next day.

Photo by Dennis Germain, special collaboration

rapper koreas

Young and old were there, in front of a crowded platform. Qarias, in a way that suits the different interests of the audience, invited a good variety of artists. Thus hundreds of onlookers turned on their phone light and softly shook their arms at the sweetness of Safiya Nolin. Many had fun with Clay and Friends’ Mike Clay and many brought out their urban side during the emergence of rapper Emboss. Towards the end of the show, Souldia also took the stage.

Photo by Dennis Germain, special collaboration

Diane Bleuen moved to Montreal because it was closer to the festivals. She came for Luc De Larochellière on Friday, but also discovered Miró, who sang on stage at the beginning of the evening. “I was really ready to go out!” she asked. Her friend, Brigitte de Champlain, was delighted “to see the smiles and the relaxed atmosphere” and to attend a celebration in French.

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To put it together with the Saiteja Yatam, the Francos offer the “best free festivities” he has ever seen. His friends reported Shalish Reddy and Vishwa Tita, who seemed to be happy with their experience Journalism Their intention is to return for several evenings, for as long as possible. All three English speakers, were well aware that the performances were given in French – and seemed enthusiastic about the idea of ​​discovering Molière’s language.

Photo by Dennis Germain, special collaboration

Saitja Yatam (right) with her friends Shaesh Reddy (center) and Vishwa Tita (left)

For Edward Gingra, attending the Francos is an annual tradition. “There’s a really nice atmosphere,” he said. Zoe Noel, who insisted on the fun of discovering different artists, liked the way Miro interacted with the audience. “We feel at home, in Francos! “It’s just so much fun, every time we come,” she said.

Photo by Dennis Germain, special collaboration

Zoe Noel and Edward Gingras

On several occasions, Qarias mentioned Karim Walleh, the highly regarded singer from Quebec who passed away in January. the offer Bye Bye Bye Karim: Vigil Friends, in his memory, it will be presented on Sunday. Nearly a dozen artists will attend to celebrate his passing, which will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of Francos 2022.

Photo by Dennis Germain, special collaboration


Earlier in the day, Qarias posted a photo where he can be seen rehearsing with Karim Willet, on a show presented in 2015. “You broke your song thirty For the first time on the stage of the Place des Festivals, he wrote to his friend worried about making new material. Tonight, at the same stage, I will make my bid in your honor. we miss you. »

In addition to Correas and his guests, bilingual rapper Aswell and Haitian singer Magdala participated in the return of the Francophile. Later in the evening, Julian Sagot and a Tecasso connoisseur brought in the butt. Meanwhile, Linda LeMay was performing at the Arts Arena for a paid concert.

Photo by Dennis Germain, special collaboration

Haitian singer

There are two other major headlines from the rap world on the event programme: Souldia and Loud group Lary Ajust. Emile Belleaudeau, Hubert Lenoir, Cornell, Juliette Armani and Louis-Jean Cormier complete the headliner list for the free main show, on stage. The Francos, who are now benefiting from their usual form after a shortened version of 2021, will be held until June 18.

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