Europe is a partner in the security of the city

Since 2016, Europe has deployed many tools to help municipalities protect themselves from attacks and fight extremism. That year, 86 people were killed as they arrived to watch the July 14 fireworks display in Nice from the Promenade des Anglais. After this tragedy, the city requested the support of the European Union to accompany the willing communities on these topics. In the face of the prevalence of these situations, ad hoc European funding programs were rapidly developed.
Thus, the Internal Security Fund, accessible to local communities, makes it possible to support a wide range of actions: acquisition of information systems, networking and development of knowledge and means of combating threats, education and training of police and administrative officers, etc.

Nice believes the party is supported by Europe

Within this framework, Nice and its partners received 3.2 million euros from the European Internal Security Fund to conduct joint exercises among municipal police forces, in order to strengthen their capacity to intervene, but also to invest in case – technical equipment and make public spaces safer (deep poles, protective cables). from intrusion, remote access control).

The city has also joined the Practicies (Partnership against Violent Extremism in Cities) project, which has enabled Nice to surround itself with European local authorities and researchers under the auspices of the European Urban Security Forum (Efus), in order to identify needs and offer the best solutions. Thanks to the partnership that brought together researchers and experts in support of extremists, sociologists, public associations, municipal technicians and police officers, the project made it possible to build innovative tools adapted to the needs of users and adaptable to the specific contexts of cities and regions. So cities have an affordable toolbox. This three-year project, which was completed in 2020, benefited from a budget of approximately €3.5 million from the Horizon 2020 research programme.

These projects have finally enabled cities and police linked to IcARUS to benefit from new funding of more than €5 million from the Horizon 2020 program to continue their studies on urban security until 2024.

Agents of Toulouse visit their counterparts

In 2020, Toulouse also embarked on a European project funded by the Homeland Security Fund to better understand the issue of extremism. It should enable it to establish a radicalization monitoring and support unit, to develop tools to combat extremism in the field of specialized prevention work and to develop action plans and training to guide the management of migration flows and associated identity conflicts. The project enables the organization of numerous meetings to share the solutions adopted by the cities and the organization of very useful field visits for the teams responsible for these topics.

Learn from the experiences of others

Besides financial aid, the European Commission has launched a program extremism awareness network (RSR), which has more than 6000 professionals from all over Europe (teachers, police, prison staff, etc.), encourages the exchange of good practices. The main goal is to better understand the vulnerabilities of certain individuals and the means to protect them.

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