We expect to see Kayden Gaul in Montreal next year

Freshly recovering from the title of WHL Qualifier Most Valuable Player, Kaiden Guhle threw a media tour to various media in Montreal today in light of his participation in the Anniversary Cup.

Upon hearing him speak, one quickly understands some of the characteristics used to describe him. He is a mature, humble and serious young man. In other words, he understands the “game”. The Edmonton Oil Kings player knows what to say when he’s in front of the microphone and he’s definitely not the one to put his foot in his mouth.

These are the adjectives that are often mentioned when describing Shea Weber, a player Guhle has been compared to since he was recruited 16th overall by Canadians in 2020. While at TSN 690, he was furthermore asked what he thought of this comparison :

It’s great to be in the same conversation as Shea. He’s a famous player, very talented, and he’s a good guy off the ice. I think I’m my own player. It’s great to mention as such, but I still have a lot of work to do before comparing myself to it. We obviously have some similarities, but I still have a lot to work on before even thinking about comparing myself to him.

In addition to having similar builds (although Webber is a bit taller and a bit fatter), both defenders play similar playing styles. They play well both ways and take charge with the disc. Without being real back players, they were still able to contribute to the attack at five.

But The The trait that often leads to comparisons between the two men is certainly their leadership. Guhle led his former team, Prince Albert Raiders, as well as the Canadian team in the most recent World Junior Championships.

Furthermore, during their WHL career, the two maintained similar stats. Guhle finished with 0.55 ppg, while Weber got 0.49.

Despite being selected late in the second round (49th place), the former captain was able to settle into the NHL at the age of 21. Would Guhle be able to do the same? If we trusted Jacob Boucher, one of his former teammates, it would look like that.

“This guy is ‘NHL ready’. I find his hockey sense and physique… he has everything to be a good player in the National League. He’s been brought up really well. He’s so humble. Nothing goes over his head. Nothing he thinks is better than The team. He is a good teammate.”

Remember, however, that Kent Hughes said last April that he did not want to be three inductees on his defensive team next year.

With Jordan Harris and Justin Barron also knocking on the door, not to mention Matthias Norlender, Arber Exchange and Corey Scheunemann (officially, he’s also a rookie), the fight will be very surly.

But Guhle will have the benefit of accessing the bootcamp in ‘game format’. In fact, the Anniversary Cup will play at the end of the month. The World Junior Championships will (finally) be played from August 9-20. Again, the left-handed must be the captain of the maple leaf. When the Canadian begins his training camp in the fall, he must therefore be one of the best and most competitive players out there.

Despite the tough competition in defence, I think Guhle will play a lot in Montreal next year. He’s definitely going to play some games at Laval, but when you take into account his qualities on the snow as well as outside, it’s clear that Guhle is indeed a pro.

Although he may never win Norris, he will have a very long career in the NHL and is one of the key pieces that Hughes and Jeff Gorton want to rebuild the Canadians around.

Many of

– I agree. The difference between Kuemper and Francouz is not significant.

– The rocket is the second most popular team in Montreal?

Even without accumulating individual honors, he will be remembered as one of the greats of his generation.

– very Wonderful!

A very nice Quebec experience.

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