Xhekaj’s “Gordie Howe hat trick”; Simono’s foil

Not just in the NHL where the playoffs are in full swing now.

hockey Carpentry Canadian offers us the strongest hockey game for a few days.

The three Canadian championships began their final series during weekend. Let’s see what happened…

Cataracts 2 – Islanders 0
serial (four out of seven) leading to the opening of the President’s Cup on Saturday in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

On Saturday, Waterfall made short work for the islanders with a 5 to 1 victory. Remember that Xavier Simono, who was the sixth-round candidate for the Canadian last summer, has been suspended for this meeting.

Yesterday alwaysPrince Edward Islandthey the cats They did it again: they survived the win in overtime thanks to a goal from Xavier Bourgault (who else?).

Borgo (3 goals and 1 assist), Maverick Burke (3 goals and 3 assists), Jordan Torini (3 assists), all eye lens darkeningIt was the best so far.

Xavier Simono got two passes yesterday. Defender William Trudeau has so far been acquitted.

Note that Simono was kicked out at the end of the third for face crime… and that cataracts are in the game play powerwith six seconds in third, to force an overtime period.

Let’s just say Simoneau didn’t find it funny…

Stefan Leroux came to the defense of the Q officials after the meeting.

Next game : Wednesday in Shawinigan. Will Waterfall make a serious choice about the President’s Cup and participation in the Anniversary Cup (June 20-29).

Bulldog 1 – Spitfires 1

Jan Mysak, Arber Xhekaj and the Bulldogs are visited by the Spitfires on Friday and Sunday in the OHL Final. On Friday, they lost in overtime (4-3), losing their first match in 13 playoffs.

Yesterday, the Bulldogs found the way to victory with a 5 for 4 win. Both (tight) games were played in Hamilton.

Misak and Chikaj – both contracted to the Canadians – were removed from the filing paper on Friday. Defender Daniil Sobolov (Spitfires), too. Sobolev is a 2021 fifth-round pick from CH. He was playing in Russia before.

Yesterday, on the other hand, Xhekaj shone. Score the (fantastic) winning goal. See for yourself the quality of his backhand shot in the winning streak.

Note that Xhakej also had a five-minute fight-over assist, two minor penalties, three shots on target, and the third star of the game.

Aim, help, fight… we call it A Jordi Howe hat trick!

With 11 points in 13 games, Xhekaj has been one of the best defenders in OHL since the start of the playoffs…even though he’s played far fewer games than most other defenders.

Mysak hasn’t accumulated a point since the start of the series.

Next game : Tonight in Windsor. Will the Bulldogs take the lead in the series?

Oil Kings 1 – Thunderbirds 1

After losing the first game of the WHL Finals Friday night (2-1), the Oil Kings found their way to victory last night (5-4).

Kaiden Guhle hasn’t collected any points since the beginning of the series, but he has increased the number of shoulders and been hired very usually. In short, it does its job.

Next game : Tomorrow in Seattle (USA). It’s a safe bet that the two teams will cross the border by bus to avoid random COVID-19 tests…

How many CH players will participate in the Anniversary Cup at the end of the month? There will be at least one (Sobolev or Mysak and Xhekaj) … but there may be five, including two future defenders of CH in Guhle and Xhekaj. Follow.

Many of

– Do Canadians draft Shane Wright?

Re-Call : Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton and Martin St. Louis watched the Rocket win yesterday in Springfield.

Charlie Lindgren’s performance has been less good than Joel Hoover’s since the beginning of the Rocket Series against. Thunderbirds.


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