Gunman arrested near Brett Kavanaugh’s home

A young American was charged with attempted murder on Wednesday after he was arrested armed to the teeth near the home of a conservative US Supreme Court judge who had wanted to kill him before he committed suicide.

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His aborted project, condemned by the entire political class, increased tension around the Supreme Court, which by June 30 must issue long-awaited decisions on the right to abortion and firearms.

Nicholas Rusky, 26, drove to the home of conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh in Chevy Chase, a wealthy northern Washington suburb, in the middle of the night, according to court documents.

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Arriving by taxi with a backpack and suitcase, he saw the presence of the police and drove away from the house. Soon, he called the local emergency services to report his suicidal and murderous intentions.

He was sent to the scene, and police officers arrested him without difficulty around 1:50 a.m. In his bags they found a pistol, two magazines, ammunition, a knife, tear gas, handcuffs and a flak jacket…

During questioning, he told investigators that he was angry with the Supreme Court over a proposed abortion ruling and a fatal school shooting in Texas.

Convinced that Judge Kavanaugh supported an extension of the right to bear arms, he explained that he “wanted to give meaning to his life” by killing him.

Democratic President Joe Biden, through his spokesperson, “strongly condemned” the young man’s actions. Karen Jean-Pierre has stated that “the threat of violence” and “attempts to intimidate judges have no place in our society”.

Justice Minister Merrick Garland added that they “strike at the heart of our democracy and we will not tolerate them,” stressing that he beefed up their protections last month.

The Supreme Court has been in the midst of a political storm since a draft ruling was leaked in early May indicating that it was ready to bury its historic mentor “Roe v. Wade,” as it recognized a woman’s right to abortion.

Shortly after the revelations, a security barrier was erected around the white marble building that houses his work on Capitol Hill, where protesters have regularly gathered in recent weeks.

A small procession also walked in May between the homes of Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts. This approach has previously been criticized by the White House, for which judges must be “able to do their job without fear for their personal safety.”

But on Wednesday, Republicans hinted that critics of the court — including many Democrats — bear some responsibility for Nicholas Rossky’s action.

“These are exactly the kinds of events that so many have feared after the endless, reckless, and appalling speeches made by personalities over the course of months against the Court,” their Senate Leader Mitch McConnell declared in the air circuit.

The Supreme Court has come under fire from the left since the cabinet reshuffle by former Republican President Donald Trump, which brought in three of the nine justices, including Brett Kavanaugh.

With its neo-conservative majority, it appears ready to revolutionize the right to abortion, but also to bearing arms.

After her call to rule over a century-old New York law, she can assert Americans’ right to carry a firearm outside their homes, thus complicating efforts by states trying to restrict their movement in public.

Such a decision would rekindle America’s pain in mourning the murders at a Texas school and a shop frequented by African Americans near the Canadian border.

Judge Kavanaugh, who was confirmed in 2018 after a heated debate involving sexual assault charges dating back to his youth, exemplifies to many American progressives the face of the shift to the right in the Supreme Court.

However, to some observers, he is concerned about the court’s image and could form an alliance with President Roberts to make mixed decisions.

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