Hollow Night Silksong: Why all the wait?

If we look at the most trending topics on Twitter during the Xbox conference, one game that stands out a lot, it’s Hollow Knight: Silksong. This title was found systematically in the popular hashtag during the Nintendo Direct, events from which it has been systematically absent for two years. Silksong is a mystery to some, but to many players it is one of the most anticipated games, which we finally have an idea of ​​about the release period … wow fans …


  • The wait is almost over!
  • A project on a humanitarian scale
  • What we learned about the game in 2019
  • Differences with the first match
  • From Switch exclusive to Xbox exclusive

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The wait is almost over!

officially, Hollow Night: SilkSong It doesn’t have an exact release date, but we do have a clear hint about when it might be rolling out. The game is back at the Xbox conference, and specifically Sarah Bond, an Xbox director, stated that the games at that conference will all be released within 12 months. Thus, Silksong is one of them, which means that it will be released, if all goes well, before June 2023..

This is the end of a very long wait for fans, to whom the development team presented a version of the game that nonetheless seemed very advanced early in 2019, exactly three years ago. To tell the truth, Arlesian’s presence during the conference period sounded more like a gag and something less credible to imagine the game presented on Xbox. The game will eventually be released, in a short time, and that reassures us a lot, because many believed in cancellations along the way, or in major problems during development. why ? Since the studio that makes the game is a small team, it’s only natural that the stakes are high…

A project on a humanitarian scale

The size of Team Cherry’s studio, which makes the Hollow Knights, is a surprising point that proves the genius of the few developers, but also the fear of seeing the studio crumble in the face of success or pressure. The developers of the game, if we look at their site, are only threeNot to mention the freelancers who are added to the project from time to time. Team Cherry, based in South Australia, and Hollow Knight are simply their number one game. Hand-drawn and released in 2017, before the arrival of the console the following year. Hollow Knight has come a long way. The development was a real adventure to reach such a solid mass. The project was born out of GameJam, a competition to create video games that gave life to the main character, the knight. Their first concept is Hungry Knight, which is idle… The game was rated poorly at the end of the competition. But the team loves his character and is reusing it in a second limited-time design competition, this time themed under the underworld. The team realizes that they have a real way to create lots of cute insects and then the concept of the futuristic game is refined. Then they catch their being: insects, which live underground and live in an inhabited kingdom. At the end of Game Jam, they feel they have something and present the futuristic game in crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Hollow Knight was born.

Hollow Night Silksong: Why all the wait?

They started working with freelancers in different aspects and in record time come up with a real mass that makes everyone agree. This is a total feat for such a small team and the game is recognized as one of the best metroidvania games created to date. The title has it all: a unique and captivating atmosphere and a solid game design, consisting of simple but effective action, platforms and mechanics. In the adventure, one of the opponents we face regularly is hornetThey are very lively, dangerous and constantly trying to get in your way. She is embodied by the player in Silksong. Her strength and mobility make her a formidable opponent, and it’s fun to imagine that we’ll finally be able to control him for the rest of the game. By the way, this sequel, Hollow Knight SilkSong, is part of the Kickstarter campaign for the first game, and then it was planned as a simple DLC.. But in the face of the small studio’s impressive performance, plans have changed and the studio is working hard to deliver a lengthy demo of gameplay in 2019, just a year after the game’s console release. It was revealed mid-E3 at Nintendo, and here’s what we can learn there…

What we learned about the game in 2019

Hollow Knight Silksong, when it premieres live at E3 2019, is already an incredibly mature and outstanding game. Plus a very advanced two-minute trailer, we had the right for about twenty minutes To a flawless demo of gameplay, with a more than compelling ending. We see the start of the game at Hornet’s controlsWhere the basics of this sequence are explained. Here, we’ll have to do the opposite of Hollow Knight, that is, go up to the surface, while the story of the first game invites us deeper underground. We’ll face 150 new enemies, tons of bosses, secrets, and diverse biomes, in short, the promise of a true sequel already on the way.

Hollow Night Silksong: Why all the wait?

So we start playing in an area full of highly evergreen algae, where Hornet begins his quest. She is taken to the depths of the earth and captive, freeing herself and trying to find her way in her quest. We quickly notice through the game’s title and gameplay two main themes: Silk and music, or the title of the game: Silksong. Moreover, in fact, all enemies are represented by musical instruments. There are bells and cymbals as a shield, and there we find the artistic direction both cute and childish, which made the first game a success, even if we always remember that this is a particularly violent and sad world. Death is omnipresent, mourning, shadow, corruption, disease, possession: these are themes that are completely present in the gameBehind her novel is a children’s story. The gameplay demo ends after two boss fights, which shows that Hornet seems more technical to handle than the jockey was in the first match. So, very concretely, what are the differences with the first loop?

Differences with the first match

The following is enough to develop the concept of the first game, the differences are numerous, and they can be quickly noticed. The gameplay is more dynamic and we will naturally perform a series of strikes, jumps, multi-directional attacks and special attacks. But less clear: The power system has changed. Hornet uses toolswhere the knight used magic to change the way he plays. We should be able to equip 3 of them, even if the gameplay trailers always show only 2 active clips, so the third element might be a negative that changes your ability to move, for example. Another big difference that can be noticed is the healing system. In Hollow Knight, you had to hold down for a tiny second to heal yourself, which determines the speed. There, Hornet can recover super fast, even on the fly, which makes the game more responsive.

Hollow Night Silksong: Why all the wait?

On the exploration side, Silksong offers you to go over the top. Unlike the first game, here we will have to get to the surface and find our way through the labyrinth thanks to a completely new map system. Without any other information, we only know that the system has evolved compared to the first game. On the paint side, Team Cherry still works with the same artist for the music and sound scene, and unlike Knight 1, the Hornet will have a voice. You’ll briefly exchange with other NPCs and, as you hear, express themselves each time during battles, enhancing immersion. When we tackled this popular presentation in 2019, the presenter doing the demo on behalf of Team Cherry conjures up a “soon” release, hence an upcoming arrival, and given how long the game has been waiting to finally change the game’s partner platform for its comeback, one might wonder What happened…

From Switch exclusive to Xbox exclusive

As we said, Silksong has gone from a flash project, hyper-mature in a very short development time, to the real Arlesian, which everyone has been waiting for until they give up. so what happened? Because, technically speaking, the trailer presented in June 2022 doesn’t change much from what we actually saw in 2019 at Nintendo. Also, we still don’t have a firm release date, although it should be released within 12 months according to Xbox. And besides, the fact that Xbox is running the announcement of the game’s comeback, and that it makes it available on Day One at GamePass, prompts a lot of questions. and yes, The game was previously planned only for PC and Switch, so seeing it out there only announced for PC and Xbox makes us guess that the game, at least, will make it to PC, Xbox and Switch.

Is release on PS4 and PS5 possible? This remains to be determined, especially since it is very likely, given the abnormally long development time, that Microsoft, through its Day-first Game Pass agreement, has openly funded the end of development. The US brand could more easily take its territory against Sony, by securing platform exclusivity, but still respect the Switch version so as not to offend Nintendo players who were promised the game for three years. For everything else, nothing is less certain, so we will wait for more information to be fixed.

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