Anniversary Cup: Another Victorious Return of the Falls

Saint Jane, note | It has almost become a routine for Shawinigan Cataractes. As they often did in the playoffs, Daniel Reno’s men recovered from a deficit after two stints to finally defeat the Edmonton Oil Kings 4-3 in their first game of the Anniversary Cup.

The Western Champions took a 3-2 lead after 40 minutes, but goals by Beric Dube and Olivier Nadeau, 78 seconds behind in the third inning, allowed the Cataract to join Sea Dogs at the top of the overall standings after two days of competition.

“We were able to do that quite often in the qualifiers and it served us well. We are a good team that doesn’t put pressure on itself and even if we fall behind it won’t change anything in our game. We proved it again tonight,” said Dube after the match. Against an excellent team.

In the second half, with a score of 2 to 2, Maverick Burke was robbed by goalkeeper Sebastian Kosa, who denied him a specific goal with his stick. The Cataractis captain retaliated in the third half when he played an impossible match on Nadio’s winning goal.

be cerfull

While hoping Canadian Kaiden Guhle on his back, Bourke twirled around the net and fell and managed to pass the puck with one hand to Nadeau, who was thrown into a cage Cossa left empty, captive like almost everyone else at Harbor Station.

“I only had a choice of one hand because I was hanging on to the other hand. When I saw Nades in front of goal, I tried to give him a pass and he hit it on the racket.”

“I didn’t expect to get the disc at all,” Nadeau added. I was just going to the network. He told me he saw me, but I didn’t expect it. […] You often come up with games like this that you wouldn’t expect. You have to be alert and you have succeeded tonight. »

the changes

Moreover, Nadeau and Burke did not start meeting together. In the third set, coach Daniel Renault decided to separate the duo of Bourke and Xavier Borgolt, and Nadio put the place of the latter. All to ensure the two don’t always face off against the defending duo of Guhle and Luke Prokop. It paid off as the two new streaks scored the final two goals for the winners.

“We’ve done it a few times this season and in the qualifiers. It’s nothing new for them to switch lines. It was not a surprise to us internally, but it certainly was them,” explained assistant coach Pascal Dubuis, who came to comfort Renault in front of the media, who suffers from losing his voice. “.

It was the WHL’s 14th consecutive loss in the Anniversary Cup. The Western representatives have not won a Canadian championship match since the Kelowna Rockets won the semifinals of the 2015 tournament, hosted by Quebec City.

The Oil Kings will be looking to finish that streak on Wednesday night when they face the St. John C. Dogs, who defeated the Hamilton Bulldogs 5-3 in the opening game of the competition.

The first period

1-Sha: Jordan Turini (1) (unassisted) AN-10: 11
2- IDM: Luke Prokop (1) (Williams, Demic) 19:16

Penalties: Veillette (Sha) (dou min), Golder (Edm) (Game Turn and Inc) 7:37 Ledoux (Sha) and Luypen (Edm) 16:34

second period

3-Edm: Tyler Horstmann (1) (Guhle, Prokop) 4:11
4-SHA: Xavier Bourgault (1) (Beaudoin, Bourque) 7:11
5- Edm: Cole Miller (1) (Luypen, Kubicek) 17:03

Penalties: Booth (Sha) 1:43 Peters (EDM) 8:07 Agostino (Sha) 13:02 Ravanomezantswa (Sha) (du min) 17:38 Neighbors (EDM) 17:40

third period

6-SHA: Beric Dube (1) (Ménard, Borgault) 5:37
7-Cha: Olivier Nadeau (1) (Borke) 6:55

Penalties: Has (Sha) 1:59 Edmonton Seat (Kicked by Miller) 17:46 Bourque (Sha) 19:36

Shoot the net

Shawinigan 11 – 9 – 15 – 35 Edmonton 14 – 4 – 10 – 28


SHA: Charles-Antoine Lavalle (ground, 1-0), EDM: Sebastien Koussa (midfield, 0-1)

Numerical advantages:

SHA: 1 in 5, Edm: 0 in 4

the reviewer:

Mario Millett, Mike Campbell

Fonts men:

By Chad Hosebe and Sylvain Loser


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