Pumpkin seeds have only health benefits! No doubt: eat it regularly!

This is the trend in recent years: pumpkin seeds are on the rise in food. In fact, pumpkin seeds are rich in proteins, micronutrients, and vitamins, and are a superfood. In addition, they have a significant advantage: they can be consumed in various forms. Raw, roasted, powdered or vegetable oil, what more could you want? Now let’s see all its benefits and how to take advantage of it without fear.

What are the benefits and risks of pumpkin seeds? All you need to know!

Pumpkin seeds naturally contribute to our good physical health by providing us with plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that protect us from the risks of cardiovascular disease. It contains Vitamin A which is very beneficial for the skin. In addition, vitamins B1 and B12 promote assimilation and the proper functioning of the body.

Pumpkin seeds are beneficial for physical and mental health 2022

Likewise, pumpkin seeds are full of fatty acids that also act as carriers and help assimilate all the micronutrients. Finally, on top of that, these little dark green oval dots also work on our mental health. We tell you more right away!

To help you lose weight

Consume pumpkin seeds for weight loss in 2022

At the risk of repeating ourselves: Pumpkin seeds are one of the superfoods that can help you avoid snacking or cravings. In addition, they have a low amount of calories. In fact, 10 grams of pumpkin seeds provide 50 calories. Therefore, in addition to its pleasant taste, this will greatly help you lose weight. In addition, pumpkin seeds require a lot of chewing when eaten normally. This is very useful as part of a weight loss diet, as it promotes the feeling of fullness very quickly.

For the proper functioning of the prostate

Pumpkin seeds for prostate 2022

Pumpkin seeds have the same benefits as a diuretic vegetable. They stimulate the proper functioning of the bladder and prevent inflammation of the area. Likewise, they are credited with benefits for the prostate. In fact, pumpkin seeds help reduce prostate enlargement, as they contain elements that promote better assimilation and better regulation of male hormones.

Pumpkin seeds help you sleep

Healthy Pumpkin Seeds 2022

Pumpkin seeds play a role in regulating the nervous system and stress, in addition to plants that provide better sleep, pumpkin seeds are an effective ally to fight afternoon fatigue and much more. In fact, due to its richness in magnesium, it facilitates sleep and play on the regulation of the nervous system and stress.

What are the dangers of pumpkin seeds?

With or against pumpkin seeds 2022

No suspense here: There is absolutely no danger other than chewing pumpkin seeds thoroughly, especially when eaten plain. Likewise, we advise you to choose organic, without pesticides. You don’t need to explain why! Consume 10 to 20 grams of seeds or one tablespoon daily. Such treatment will favorably act on the prostate and avoid its possible deficiency. However, beware of the consumption of children who tend to exaggerate when they like food. In fact, this is the only real danger, excessive consumption of pumpkin seeds can have more than unpleasant laxative effects for youngsters.

Summer salad with pumpkin seed oil 2022

For pregnant women, it is recommended to take it during pregnancy. This is because its many properties are beneficial for the health of the future mother and baby. Finally, know that you can diversify the pleasure by eating pumpkin seeds in the form of oil. Thus, you can make good use of it as a seasoning in summer salads or in festive dishes. Just be sure to store it in the refrigerator as soon as you open it. Too reassuring?

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