Fortnite: The PlayStation Cup for June will be completed with construction

For the first PlayStation Cup, since Chapter 3 of Season 3 has been implemented on Fortnite, players will compete for a portion of the $116,750 prize pool.

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Sure enough, Epic Games just announced the details for the PlayStation Cup for June, which will take place June 24-26. Unfortunately for some, the builds will make a comeback. Moreover, as its name suggests, only players who have a Sony console will be able to participate, especially since it will necessarily have to be on PS4 or PS5.

in 3 rounds

$116,750 will be billed for the occasion and the competition will be held solo over three rounds. Round 1 is open to all players, and it will be necessary to get as many points as possible in 3 hours, that is, a maximum of 10 matches to reach Round 2, because only the best 1000 players from each region will be able to participate.

Regarding the second round, it is the same as for the previous round, i.e. the contestants will be given three hours of time with a maximum of 10 games to try to accumulate as many points as possible. The top 100 from each region will qualify for the third round.

The third round will take place in 6 parts which will take about 3 hours. It is important to remember that the first game starts ten minutes after the session window opens and the new game will start automatically 30 minutes after the previous one. Organizers state that “if a team does not appear or miss the start of any game, it will be considered last (or restricted to last) with no disqualifications for that game.”

point system

Concernant le système de points pour la manche 1 et 2 de la Coupe PlayStation Fortnite, chaque élimination rapportera 1 point en plus de ceux obtenus grâce à la position dans le classement, tandis que pour la manche 3, chaque élimination rapporteront 2 points au lieu d ‘Single.

Victory Royal: 30 points
2nd place 25 points
3rd place 22 points
Fourth: 20 points
Fifth place: 19 points
Sixth: 17 points
Seventh place: 16 points
Eighth: 15 points
Ninth: 14 points
Tenth: 13 points
11 – 15: 11 points
16th to 20th place: 9 points
21 – 25: 7 points
26 – 30: 5 points
From 31 to 35: 4 points
36th to 40th place: 3 points
41 – 50: 2 points
51 – 75: 1 point

Prize distribution

The top 30 players from the North American East region and the top 15 players from the North American West region will be able to win a prize.

Event Awards – North America – East
First: $1600
Second: $1400
Third: $1300
Fourth: $1,200
Fifth: $1100
Sixth: $1,000
Seven: $900
Eighth: $800
Ninth: $700
Tenth: $600
11-20: $500
From 21 to 30: $400

Event Prizes – North America – Western

First: $1400
Second: $1,200
Third: $1100
Fourth: $1,000
Fifth: $900
Sixth: $800
Seven: $700
Eighth: $600
Ninth: $500
From ten to fifteen: $400

PlayStation Cup organizers also wanted to please those who enter but fail quickly by offering a small reward. Thus, all players who participated in this competition from June 24 to 26 and who got a minimum of 8 points, will automatically get the appearance of the towers in the game.


It is important to remember that it will not be possible to exchange, sell or even give a bonus obtained during the event to another player. For more information on the official rules, Epic Games has revealed them directly on their site.

Of course, to participate in the PlayStation Cup, players must have activated 2FA authentication, have at least a level 50 account, and be at least 13 years old, not forgetting to respect the Fortnite User License Agreement.

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