Chinese fighters: Trudeau talks about a “provocation”, Beijing is defending itself

At a news conference on Monday, Trudeau condemned China’s actions toward Canadian aircraft that were part of a multilateral United Nations mission over the Pacific to impose sanctions on North Korea.

China’s actions are irresponsible and provocative, and we will continue to firmly insist that they endanger people while failing to respect UN resolutions. »

Quote from Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister

Last week, the Canadian military accused Chinese aircraft of repeatedly violating international safety standards and endangering Canadian crew.

A statement released on June 1 said a Chinese plane had attempted to hijack a Canadian long-range patrol plane and the crew had to quickly change direction to avoid a potential collision.

Such interactions […] Increasingly worrying and repetitiveThe statement said.

The Canadian plane was deployed from April 26 to May 26 to join other countries in monitoring ship-to-ship transfers of fuel at sea, which could help North Korea evade UN sanctions over its missile and nuclear tests.

Chinese ships are suspected of participating in the transfers. The United States and Japan also participated in the monitoring of the United Nations.

China is defending itself

Beijing on Monday defended its military pilots, saying they were doing the right thing and protecting China’s sovereignty, after complaints from Canada and Australia that Chinese planes were taking part in risky maneuvers over the Pacific.

Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said China Urgently take reasonable, strong and professional measures in response to Canada’s hostile and unprofessional acts of provocation and operations.

Under the guise of implementing UN sanctions, Wu said in a statement that Canada has stepped up its close survey of China.

He said Canada would be held responsible for all the serious consequences of what he called his risky and provocative actions.

In 2001, a collision between a US reconnaissance plane and a Chinese Air Force plane killed the Chinese pilot and detained the US crew for 10 days.

Canberra also denounces Chinese airlines

In a separate incident, the newly elected Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, who is visiting Indonesia on Monday, described the actions of a Chinese fighter jet on May 26 as a dangerous act of aggression against an Islamic State aircraft. China Sea.

Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles said on Sunday that the Chinese J-16 accelerated and passed in front of the Australian plane, releasing small pieces of aluminum that were sucked into the plane’s engine. The Chinese Ministry of Defense has not commented on this incident.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the military has always carried out operations based on international law and global practices in a safe and professional manner.

We urge Australia to respect China’s national security interests and major concerns, and be careful in its words and actions to avoid miscalculation that could have serious consequences. »

Quote from Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry

China claims many small islands and many coral reefs in the South China Sea, and Beijing claims the area around these outcrops is part of its territorial waters and airspace. These waters constitute an important shipping route for all countries in the region, including Australia, which declares with the United States that it wants to ensure freedom of navigation through this sector.

Zhao said China would not allow any country to violate its sovereignty in the name of freedom of navigation. He also accused Canada of spreading disinformation and said it should adopt a moderate and pragmatic policy toward China and take concrete steps to improve relations between the two countries.

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