The cost of the controversial decision Game Oilers 1

I repeated it many times, both on audio and in writing: I find it hard to bet the strength of the avalanche. And I will remain in front of me until the end of the series.

Until proven otherwise, 2022 is the year of McKinnon, McCar and the avalanche. I want (and see) the new Stanley Cup champion in Crystal ball A freshly cleaned computer screen.

Yesterday, those who bet against an avalanche lost a few dollars. They are probably in a bad mood this morning. A short night, the controversy of the ruling and the loss of Otters…

What do I remember from the first match? With a goal, let’s remember, crowning Clarence Campbell Cup winner…. Who will succeed the Montreal Canadiens? # Western Leagues

1. He scored 14 goals in the match, winning 8-6 to the avalanche. It’s barely lower than in the first match between the Flames and the Oilers. However, the Oilers won all four of their games after losing 9-6 to the flames. Will they be able to do the same against Avs?

2. Cal Makar (2 goals, 1 assist), Conor McDavid (1 goal, 2 assists), Ryan Nugent Hopkins (1 goal, 1 assist), Evander Kane (1 goal, 1 assist), Leon Drystel (2 assists), Devon Toews (2 assists), Mikko Rantanen (1 goal 1 pass), Gabriel Landeskog (1 goal and 1 pass), JT Compher (2 goals) and Nathan MacKinnon (1 goal and 1 pass) all scored more than one point.

Only Valeri Nichushkin and Darren Helm did not earn a single point among The Avalanche 12 attackers.

3. How not to come back The Evening controversy? While it was 2 to 2 at the end firstMakar entered the opponent’s area before Nesushkin’s exit before scoring his first goal in the match.

Apparently Jay Woodcroft has a challenge Decision… but lost. NHL Interpretation: Makar did not touch the disc before Nichushkin was out of the Oilers area. So there is no offside … and therefore there is a goal.

yesI understand the reason for this decision .. But does Makar not control the disc even if he does not touch it? Everyone would have understood if the referees had canceled the goal…but there, the NHL sees itself again question Everywhere. Especially since the match may have been played there …

Instead of returning to a 2-2 draw, the Oilers were behind 2-3then they allowed a fourth goal in the power game obtained after Coach Challenge Lost by Jay Woodcroft.

Did the state of each of the two teams have a role to play in all of this? I dare not believe it. #Canada #USA

4. Cal Makar Ho Just Very difficult, however controversial his first goal was last night.

5. We had the right to expect an offensive streak during which the goalkeepers would not be in the spotlight…but who could have foreseen that Match 1 would end with the substitute goalkeepers (already) in front of the net? Mike Smith was replaced by Mikko Koskinen in the 27th minute, while Darcy Comber (with an upper body injury) made way for Pavel Francoz a minute later. Koskinen (.952, goal in 32:07) was the best of the four goalkeepers last night.

6. If Darcy Comber was seriously injured and had to miss some matches, would Avalanche be able to respond to the attacks of McDavid, Kane, Drysittle and the Oilers? To say that the avalanche and the Blackhawk discussed Marc-Andre Fleury before the deadline …

7. The Canadian would not have been at the same level last night. He was going to eat a strong rinse/ball, and have a lesson in good standing.

8. Artturi Lehkonen helped win. Will he be able to score a goal as important as last year (June 24 at Bale Center vs. Vegas)? Whatever it is…it seems to be running perfect happiness and I love it.

9. The avalanche got hot late in the game. With Denver leading 7-3, the Oilers scored three unanswered goals late in the game secondly and in Third. The goal in the empty nets of Gabriel Landskog (who I looked at with one eye while fighting Morpheus) came to confirm the avalanche’s victory.

10. The team that wants to win this series will definitely have to close the game and tighten its defense.

11. Only 2 out of 14 goals were scored play power. One goal per team…

12. Lucky there is no cannon in the arena Excuse me …

13. Evander Kane scored his 13th goal in the most play-off games…and his agent Dan Milstein knows his client could win the jackpot. in the casino in the NHL next summer. Even with his past and his reputation?

This streak between Oilers and Avalanche will continue tomorrow in Colorado. Where do I sign to make sure I get Game 7 in this series?

Tonight, we’ll be due for the first match between Lightning (Comfort) and the Rangers (who just won Match #7) in New York. Who will win match #1?

We can expect to meet much less open / attack from last night. Goalkeepers in competitions are, or will receive, the Vicenza Trophy.

Many of

– We can understand that.


“It’s hard to argue with them about that. Especially if these hockey players do not suffer any consequences as a result of their actions.

– Almost all Canadians The Finns watched the World Championship final.

– Who is Logan Cooley? [TSLH]

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