Danny Laverrier presents to the United Nations a “breath of fresh air”

(New York) Diplomats and UN staff will not be able to escape from it: until June 17, they will walk a portion of the written and drawn work of Danny Lavrier, coming and going in this building where all the tragedies of the international community.

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Richard Hito

Richard Hito
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According to the writer, they will “whistle” after realizing that people continue to create “in the midst of these disasters.” This would be a rare case to bring them “wind of freshness”.

“I really think this is the happiest file we have ever presented to the United Nations,” said Danny Laverrier, shortly before he went to the headquarters of the international organization in New York, where the opening of the exhibition was held on Monday evening. Bedouin heartWhich tells the life of the artist.

“And this file says this: Art is the essence of all human transformation. If we don’t believe it, we’ll never get there. Negotiations, numbers, documents, surveys, and studies are important only if we take into account that people have feelings and emotions. And here it is in color, in writing, in Poetry and in the file reflection of that region of the world where one thinks things are played, where one thinks all is lost.”

In short, if UN diplomats can find solutions to almost intractable problems in the coming days, Bedouin heart It may be there for something.

The exhibition was launched in 2020 at the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal, marking the 35-year career of Danny Laverrier. Created in its original version of seven separate panels, it is inspired by three graphic novels by Danny Lavrier and traces his life, from his childhood in Haiti to the French Academy in Paris, during his years in Montreal and Miami.

after montreal, Bedouin heart The travel began, first to Frankfurt, where the fair was a huge success in 2021 during the book fair in this German city, when Canada was the guest of honor, then to Tunisia and finally in Dubai.

The exhibition version presented at the United Nations consists of five panels, and is the product of a collaboration between diplomatic representatives of Quebec and Canada in New York, as well as the International Organization of Francophonie.

Richard Hito’s photo, a special collaboration

Dany Laferrière at the opening of his exhibition at the United Nations

” very Influential “

“It is very moving and moving to think that every morning, upon entering work, delegates from different countries will come across the work of a Quebecer of Haitian descent,” said Martine Hebert, delegate-general of Quebec in New York. This once again underscores the importance of Quebec’s footprint in New York City. »

Congolese diplomat, Nelly Okonkwo, was touched on Monday night by Danny Lavrier’s script and drawing who “imagines [sa] The mother turns her back on reality to drown in dreams” after her father’s exile.

It brings back a lot of memories and sadness. I knew so early on, this breakup with my mother. I also imagine him turning his back on reality and drowning in a dream.

Nelly Okonkum, a diplomat of Congolese descent

Danny Laverrier dreams of seeing Bedouin heart continue to travel. In Miami and Paris, and why not, in Port-au-Prince. He sees this show’s adventure as a “gift”. Also, we must believe, as a reward for his stubbornness in composing graphic novels.

“I don’t want to compare myself to two alternatives,” he said, “but I kind of thought about it when people, at first, didn’t accept it that way.” Why don’t you keep writing books like you used to? We also attacked Dylan when he switched from acoustic guitar to electric guitar. They are the same people who cheer afterwards. He had to insist. That’s it, I insisted. I now have 6 books and 1200 written and drawn pages. »

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