The Warriors are the NBA champions

(Boston) Stephen Curry scored 34 points and led the Golden State Warriors to their fourth NBA title in eight seasons with a 103-90 victory over the Boston Celtics Thursday night.

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Curry once again demonstrated his superiority at TD Garden, earning 31 and 43 points in the first two games on the road from that final.

Curry also had seven rebounds and seven assists, helping the Warriors win those finals in six games.

“We found a way to get the job done,” said Carey. We built this team for 10-11 years. It means being on this platform celebrates a lot. »

The Californian team also won the NBA title in 2015, 2017, and 2018. They lost in the finals in 2016 and 2019.


Stephen Curry (centre) earned 34 points and led the Golden State Warriors to their fourth NBA championship in eight seasons.

“All the tournaments were unique, and they were all special,” said Steve Kerr, Warriors coach. This address was probably the most likely one. It takes a team effort to make that happen and we have a very good group. »

Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala are the only Warriors players to appear in all four games.

Curry was able to add the Bill Russell Award to his collection as he was voted MVP in the Finals.

“I finally got that trophy,” said Carey. It is special. Everyone had an influence in the process. »

Thompson and Greene, who added 12 assists, both had 12 points for the Warriors. Canadian Andrew Wiggins contributed offensively with 18 points, and substitute Jordan Paul finished the match with 15 points.

Jaylen Brown was the Celtics’ most efficient offensive player, collecting 34 points and taking seven rebounds. Veteran Alhorford supported him, who gave a strong performance, reaching 19 points and collecting 14 rebounds.

Boston’s other offensive star, Jason Tatum, struggled in Game 6, contributing just 13 points and making five turnovers. He became the first player in NBA history to total 100 games in a playoff round.

Almost warriors from start to finish


Andrew Wiggins (22) and Jaylene Brown (7)

The Celtics started the game strong, as one would expect from a team facing elimination in the finals.

Brown fired a three-point field goal and 28 seconds later, Tatum capped a 10-point shot with a shot from outside the arc to give the Celtics a 12-2 lead.

However, other warriors had witnessed over the years and recovered quietly. They quietly approached before ending the first quarter with a 27-22 lead, after 11 consecutive points.

Visitors kept on the accelerator at the start of the second quarter. Paul had two three-pointers and Wiggins put the final touch on a dunk that extended the lead to 37-22.

The Warriors’ 21-point streak has been the longest in the NBA Finals in the past 50 years.

“We couldn’t break their streaks,” admitted Robert Williams III of the Celtics. We made mistakes. They played more aggressively and won tonight. »

The hosts closed the difference to eight thanks to Williams’ dunking, but Steve Kerr’s men restarted the machine to dominate the Celtics 15-8 in the final six minutes to return to the locker room 54-39.

The Warriors found a way to distance themselves from their opponents in the third quarter with three-point shots. They had six, three of which came from Carrie’s right hand.

It was also the reason for the Celtics’ comeback in the third quarter. The Warriors missed four shots from the ocean and the Boston team managed to finish the last six minutes with a 16-4 streak.

The Warriors, who led 76-66 early in the final quarter, wanted to seal the match defensively and held their lead by more than 10 points for most of the past 12 minutes to confirm their title.

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