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How do you deal with anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders are increasingly recognized by the scientific and medical communities. Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that during the first year of the coronavirus epidemic, the latter increased significantly by 25%.

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While some people will turn to cannabidiolrecognized for the beneficial effects of CBD on anxiety and sleep disturbances, others will instead choose dedicated applications for it. fight stress And find peace.

The mental health of many people is at risk

The scope of the concern is particularly wide. Fatigue, sleep disturbance, eating disorder, headache, difficulty breathing, anxiety attacks, phobias … when they take up too much space in the daily lives of people who suffer from them, worry It can turn out to be disabled and incompatible with a calm everyday life.

Despite constant signs and a constant feeling of malaise, few people still go through the process of consulting a specialist. Psychological concerns are rarely taken care of, and sometimes they are too late. In fact, if many have the reaction to making an appointment with a GP as soon as symptoms or illness develop, the journey is longer for mental health.

For its part, the field of mental health on digital media has seen a huge boom in just a few years. This first step towards accepting an inappropriate situation is often the beginning of a journey towards well-being…

Apps, digital support at your fingertips

In order to respond to issues of cost and accessibility and overcome preconceived notions about mental disorders, the digital market has identified opportunities to provide support solutions on smartphones. use a An app for managing anxiety and depression increasingly common. Thus, each individual can, at their own pace, accept their anxiety and explore ways to reduce it, or even make it disappear completely.

These digital initiatives have the advantage of demonstrating that anxiety is not inevitable and that people from all walks of life are affected by it. Its advantages are numerous:

  • undo the feelings you feel, and manage to name them;
  • Get convenience or resources to motivate yourself (through chatbots, articles, or motivational quotes);
  • Benefit from the supportive community you share and trust without fear of judgment;
  • Take advantage of the gamification system to measure progress, set goals, and try everything to achieve them.

Who are these devices for? For everyone who feels the need. No one is immune to a bad patch or a particularly stressful period (family life, married life, career, etc.). If some people have trouble scheduling an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychiatrist, these digital alternatives can be the right solution to take advantage of the tools of understanding and help.

Of course, mental health demands cannot replace the care that practitioners provide for the most worrisome chronic or pathological conditions. They are best suited for the more common depressive and anxiety disorders.

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