Carotene, Magicoba, Baby Yoshi… Eight new LEGO Super Mario characters have been announced

as such last year (see here) the group Puzzle Games did that LEGO CON This weekend’s 100% digital convention provides an overview of upcoming LEGO novelties. Thus new combinations of Minecraft or Harry Potter were introduced, as well as the scope Avatar for lego. On the Nintendo side, there is no big announcement except for the launch Surprise Character Pack – Series 5 which will produce at least Eight new characters : Carotene, Purple Frog, Brother Marto, Dendinard, Magicuba, Baby Yoshi, Red Yoshi And the blue pistol. The Surprise Pack – Series 5 It will only be available Next August 1Appointed but it is already in pre-order in LEGO website. Note that it is impossible to choose between characters as they are sold one by one (at a price 5.99€)

Reminder, August 1This is also the launch date for the starter package LEGO Super Mario dedicated to Princess Peach And many more new combos you can find Details here. In the meantime, search below for an offer Surprise Character Pack – Series 5 With the dedicated clip video, taken from LEGO CON 2022And official details and photos from LEGO website To see or review LEGO CON 2022, go here

Product Show

The Surprise Character Pack Series 5 (71410) expands children’s LEGO® Super Mario™ adventures. Each pack contains a character, action bricks, and mini-structures that serve as a support or complete the level. The series includes 8 collectible LEGO Super Mario figures (Carottin, Purple Toad, Brother Marto, Dendinard, Magikoopa, Baby Yoshi, Red Yoshi and Blue Maskass), which can be used with the Starter Pack (71360, 71387 or 71403) required for interactive play.

Paper and digital instructions Fun gift for ages 6 and up Each package includes a building guide. The LEGO Super Mario app also offers digital visualization guides and tools that enrich the experience.

Endless possibilities LEGO Super Mario sets invite Super Mario ™ characters into the real world. LEGO Super Mario Starter packs and expansion sets allow players to expand, rebuild, and create unique levels.

  • LEGO® Super Mario™ Collectible Figures – Give kids extra interactive play with the Surprise Character Pack – Series 5 (71410). Each pack includes a buildable character and working bricks
  • 8 characters to collect, build and integrate into the game – Carotene, Purple Toad, Brother Marto, Dendinard, Magicoba, Baby Yoshi, Red Yoshi, Blue Masks
  • Starter Pack required for interactive play One of the Starter Packs containing a LEGO® Mario™ character (71360 set), LEGO® Luigi™ (71387) or LEGO® Peach™ (71403 set) character is required to enjoy the interactive game
  • SMALL DESIGN IN EVERY PACKAGE – Use it as a monitor or configure it into a plane. LEGO® Mario™, LEGO® Luigi™ and LEGO® Peach™ interact with the characters in different ways
  • FUN GIFT FOR CREATIVE KIDS 6+ – Give the LEGO® Super Mario™ Figure Pack from Surprise for birthdays, parties or any other occasion
  • BUILD UNIQUE LEVELS – Kids can add these characters to their LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Pack and expansion sets to create new challenges and play alone, with family or friends
  • Paper and Digital Instructions – Find a building guide in every pack and in the LEGO® Super Mario™ app. For a list of compatible Android and iOS devices, visit
  • Unlimited Creativity – LEGO® Super Mario™ unit sets bring characters from the Super Mario™ universe to the real world and give fans endless possibilities to create unique levels
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – LEGO® building bricks meet the toughest standards in the industry to ensure they fit together easily and safely
  • SAFETY IS A PRIORITY – LEGO® items are drop, heat, crush and twist tested, then analyzed to ensure they meet the highest safety standards

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