Canada is losing overtime. Finland wins gold

After the bronze medal earlier in the morning, a place for the gold medal.

For the occasion, Canada and Finland faced each other or if you like: Josh Anderson vs. Joel Jeremiah.

In the end, Finland won.

The match was played very aggressively and was very close. We had to wait until the second half to see the first goal.

The Canadians scored first thanks to a very beautiful goal from Dylan Cousins. In one reception, the Buffalo Sabers striker launched the power play to give his nation the lead.

Incidentally, Cozens is the top scorer in the tournament.

It was the first reduced goal the Finns conceded at the tournament.

At the beginning of the third period, Canada played with fire. He offered 2 5 for three to the Finns, who did not take advantage of this gift at the first opportunity. But during the second, they paid Claude Julien’s band.

Mikael Granlund tied the match.

However, Cole Selinger’s penalty was undeserved. Miro Heskanen was hit in the face with a stick …

In short, the score was tied 1-1 at the time. Regarding Finland’s goal, Canadian goalkeeper Chris Dredger was injured, and Matt Tomkins, the team’s 3rd goalkeeper, had to be substituted. He has not played since April 23 with Frolonda. Logan Thompson was injured earlier in the tournament.

Granlund added moments later to give the Blues the lead for the first time in the match.

Next, Joel Jeremiah hit the Canadians hard with a perfect shot at the top. 3-1 Finland.

Rarely does Pierre Houdi’s voice not rise when Jeremiah scores a goal…

Five goals and three assists in the tournament.

Only two minutes before the end of the match, Claude Julien decided to withdraw his goalkeeper. And that decision paid off: Zack Whitecloud brought Canada back to life and closed the gap in one.

Josh Anderson collected a assist on goal.

Then with just over a minute left in the match, Canada tied the match. Miracle, it’s 3-3!

Thus, it is the three to three overtime session that will decide which country will win the World Championship.

Last year, Nick Paul gave Canada the win in overtime against these same Finns. Who will achieve this feat this time?

Not a Canadian player…

In the power game, Sakari Maninen gave Finland the win.

Final score: 4-3 Finland

The judges stole the show…

Here is the final arrangement:

1. Finland

2. Canada

3. Czech Republic

4. United States

5. Switzerland

6. Sweden

7. Germany

8. Slovakia

9. Denmark

10. Latvia

11. Austria

12. France

13. Norway

14- Kazakhstan

15. Italy

16. United Kingdom

Many of

– What a favorite match after all.

Nice gesture from both attackers.

– Message from Joe.

Nick’s message.

Gascon, Gaucher, and Roy are nominated for the Paul Dumont Prize.

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