Nature mimicry of solar hydrogen production

The development of photoelectrochemical cells is a solution to the production of carbon-free hydrogen using an artificial photosynthesis approach, but it is necessary to simplify their manufacture, improve their performance and ensure that their production can be deployed in Widely (The grand ladder, also called the aerial ladder or automatic ladder, is…). Irig researchers describe simplified construction and optimization by Hardware (The word machines are used in many ways:) From “bound (The leaf is the organ that specializes in photosynthesis in plants…) Synthetic” contains only abundant elements with a 2% conversion returnsolar energy (Solar energy is the energy that the sun emits directly with its radiation or from…) in hydrogen (Hydrogen is a chemical element with symbol H and atomic number 1.).

The production of solar fuels, primarily hydrogen, is a stated goal under the environmental transition. Photoelectrochemical processes offer a solution for hydrogen production Green color (Green is a complementary color that corresponds to light of a wavelength…) From’Water (Water is a chemical compound found everywhere on Earth, essential to everyone…) And the’energy (In the general sense, energy defines everything that allows you to do work, generate energy, etc.) In a decentralized way, but its performance and cost still need to be improved, which limits the operation of these systems on a large scale.

In collaboration with researchers fromUniversity (The university is an institution of higher education whose goal is…) From Science (Science (Latin science, “knowledge”) is, according to the dictionary…) And the technology (The word technology has two de facto meanings:) In Hanoi (Vietnam), researchers from Irig have developed an artificial paper based on a photovoltaic core (Three-junction silicon cell) by developing a photochemical process that makes it possible to deposit in a single step and from a single precursor, the two triggers (In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction; …) which realize hydrogen release and water oxidation on both sides of the artificial plate. the device congener (A monolith is an item made from one large block of stone. Its name comes from…) Able, when immersed in a neutral salt medium, to convert solar energy into hydrogen with a yield of 2%.

Improving these offerings now requires a better understanding of the phenomena that limit conversion steps and scaling parameters catalysis (A catalyst is the action of a substance called a catalyst on a chemical transformation …) On each side of the synthetic paper. Thus, the Irig researchers equipped the cell so that they could independently measure the electrochemical actuation potentials of each of the catalysts, the current flowing through the cell and quantify the hydrogen production. Like this description Obando Made it possible to put light (Light is the set of electromagnetic waves visible to the eye…) The effect of defects in the protective layers of the triple junction cell of the nucleus and the suggestion of pathways to improve the artificial lamina.

The figure in the center shows the artificial leaf that produces hydrogen and oxygen from water under illumination.

this is project (A project is an irrevocable commitment with an uncertain outcome, and cannot be reproduced for…) From Research (Scientific research identifies in the first place all actions taken with a view to …) Suits Context (The context of an event includes the circumstances and conditions surrounding it; …) from the programbasic search (Basic research includes scientific research work that has no purpose…) Energy” at the CEA level and at the European level, in the SUNERGY initiative and the SUNER-C project, which began on June 1, 2022 (3-year duration, income (A budget is a temporary accounting document that distinguishes income and expenses.) 4 million euros).
SUNERGY and SUNER-C are dedicated to the development and strengthening of fuels and chemistry (Chemistry is a natural science divided into several disciplines, to …) Its solar energy Europe (Europe is a wild region that can be considered…) and paving the way for broad joint European action such as the public-private partnership. CEA is the co-coordinator of SUNERGY and SUNER-C with three respective operational divisions, Research Division Basic (In music, the word primary can have several meanings.) (Operational Management Transporter (The carrier is a sinusoidal signal of constant frequency and amplitude. It is…) CEA), department technology research (Technological research is a continuation of scientific research in order to promote…) and energy department.

Nguyen DN, Fadel M, Chenevier P, Artero V, Tran PD
An artificial water splitting sheet based on a three-junction silicon solar cell: one-step fabrication through photodeposition of catalysts and electrochemicals. Obando watching.
Journal of the American Chemical Society2022.

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