Cancer colorectal : ce traitement prometteur a guéri 100% des patients !

Colorectal cancer: this promising treatment has cured 100% of patients!

The diagnosis of colorectal cancer is frightening. However, this study should change the situation and move away from this health nightmare.

The end of the plight of colorectal cancer patients?

To clearly distinguish between the symptoms of colorectal cancer and other diseases of the same family, Objeko He does not intend to introduce scientific vocabulary. These types of words are too complex to understand. As always, our goal is to wrap things up so you can get the full picture. On the L’Assurance Maladie website, we’re told that ” It develops from a normal cell at first. [Puis elle] It transforms and multiplies in a chaotic manner, until it forms a mass called a malignant tumor.”

While we thought the prostate was the most “recurring” Among the men we were wrong. The same story on the part of the fairer sex. Breast or vaginal cancer often goes undiagnosed. In the last hours, the specialized press was in turmoil. After a long study, the results have been so promising that they are well worth your look. Here we are, follow the guide!

A big step forward for colorectal cancer patients

Specialists in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center They will remember these long, complicated months throughout their careers. This Sunday, they shared their optimism on the cover of New England Journal of Medicinee. As you can imagine, colorectal cancer was the focus of their microscopes. Dear FriendObjekoRemember this name: dostarlimb. After giving patients it for sixty days, the tumor disappeared from the radar.

in columns The New York Times (Just that!), the second author of this study shares his joy. proudly announces. ” I think this is the first time this has happened in history. from this disease. For his part, Dr. Hanna Sanoff is impressed. Although she did not participate in this test, she could only salute this feat.

medical revolution

As you understand, experts have chosen colorectal cancer for their investigations. More specifically, they targeted those who had a genetic problem. nickname MMrD Because of his many mutations, he quickly turns into a disaster. Also, to prevent things from generating and other organs experiencing consequences, a decision was made to change the protocol. From January to June, every 21 days, they will receive dostarlimab. If you have a girlfriend, mother, or sister who has a problem with endometriosis, they will probably have to deal with it.

What is dostarlimb?

classified in the family Checkpoint Inhibitors “And on a larger scale than everything related to” Immunotherapy »This tablet is a feat. Spread the word. Contrary to what has been promoted thus far, it does not target the colorectal cancer tumor. On the other hand, he asks A person’s immune system So that he can properly defend himself. Of the 12 patients selected to co-administer with dostarlimab, none of them had side effects. However, our colleagues from The New York Times Emphasize the amount of guinea pigs. as such Objeko that I identified above, in gynecological services, experts note that a patient with endometriosis in ” Five has a form of adverse reactions“.

Once treatment with dostarlimab has ended, patients are not released into the wild. Over the next year, they often had appointments to check the size of the tumor. When we noticed her disappearance, there were also investigations to make sure she hadn’t moved elsewhere.

Last scoop off the road

The icing on the cake and the stage of surgery and chemotherapy have been erased from the map. When you remember the many inconveniences of this type of protocol, you can just move on so you don’t lose your hair or even that exhausting nausea. Today, researchers insist on the fact that “There are no cases of progression or recurrence. » This is good!

Results to be taken with forceps?

Let’s go back a little bit to Hana Sanoff’s testimony. She’s used to commenting on data on colorectal cancer, and she wants to qualify things. She also feels she has too little information at her disposal to form an opinion. She is unable to tell if Answer A full clinic with dostarlimab is equivalent to treatment. »

Be careful, she does not sweep the efforts of her colleagues out of control. As evidence, she’s an optimist, but she insists that we remain on our guard. This colorectal cancer treatment is so complex and widespread that it deserves an adaptive treatment approach. Which side are you on? Those who crossed their fingers that dostarlimab is revolutionary treatment Or in the camp of suspicion? Continue in the next issue ofObjeko !

Thank you to our colleagues at The New York Times

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