Joshua Roy: Real possibility of seeing him play tomorrow at Laval

When Joshua Roy signed his trial with Rocket to join the Canadiens farming club for the rest of the playoffs, we knew the chances of him seeing him play in the short term were slim, but no one has ruled out the fact that he was. see a little later.

And given the events of the past few hours, we can believe he probably has his chance.

In practice today, he wasn’t with the other extras who don’t have a chance to play. Sherbrooke Phoenix Producer had a chance to train with the regulars (but in an extra jersey) this morning.

Cedric Paquette was present at the training, but not Gabriel Burke. From what we understand, the chances of seeing the first play tomorrow are good, but we don’t necessarily risk seeing the second play.

Roy completed a streak with Paquette and Joël Teasdale in practice.

Can we conclude that Roy would be Jean-François Hall’s choice if Bourke couldn’t wear skate shoes in the third duel of the series? That’s how Anthony Marcotte feels, at least.

We won’t know right away if Amal Al-Kindi will make his first shot with the pros tomorrow. We’ll probably find out when we know if Bourke can play the match.

And I imagine we’ll give him plenty of time.

But no matter who wears the uniform, the challenge will be huge. Springfield only lost one playoff game (the last against the Rocket) and Laval just took advantage of the ice advantage. The next three matches of this series (a 1-1 tie) will be played at Place Bell.

And if necessary, matches 6 and 7 will be in the United States.

It’s unclear how Thunderbirds will react to the loss. Will they offer more aggressive gameplay in order to return to the series? It is not impossible.

If there are provocative gestures against Laval, the CH school club will have to keep his cool.

Note that we don’t know who Joel Hoover or Charlie Lindgren, a former Rocket, will be in front of the opposite cage. If I had two old dollars to put it in Hofer, but who knows.

So Kayden Primo will have to continue his excellent work.

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– We agreed.

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– Here are the options for CH on the next replay. Only one has not yet been determined.

– No, David Pastrnak will not be trading in Boston.

The Trois-Rivières Lions will not win the ECHL Team Award.

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