Common! Patrick Roy may have knocked out his last QMJHL match

The Remparts, the season’s regular champions, received a visit from the Cataractes last night at the Videotron Center for seventh The fifth final of the QMJHL semi-final series.

The man of numbers in me was disappointed: the logical sequence was not respected. The Remparts won the first game, then Cataractes, then Remparts, then Cataractes…

But it was Cataractes that won this final last night in Quebec. Note that Patrick Roy’s call was heard: nearly 15,000 spectators gathered at the Videotron Center for this important meeting.

15,000 people in Quebec… 10,000 in Laval… Do I need to remind you that Wolves will play against more or less than 4,000 people next season?

With their victory, the Falls will face the Charlottetown Islanders in the QMJHL Final. The winner will take the President’s Cup home and earn a farewell to the Anniversary Cup. The loser? no thing!

there a call A referee – he had already called for a contested penalty kick against the Remparts in Game Seven of the final series in 2015 – which is causing controversy.

Anyway, Remparts are on vacation. And Patrick Roy too!

Although in Patrick Roy’s case, it could be More than just a vacation.

after the meeting, the king He refused to confirm anything for next season. Roy wants to spend some time thinking about his future.

Roy, 56, is the CEO and Fitness Trainer des Remparts de Québec since 2018. He also held such positions between 2005 and 2013, before going Fitness Trainer in Colorado.

Why leave rimbars? Does he have an offer waiting for him in the NHL? Several master training positions are now vacant…

According to some information that has reached our ears, Roy had just bought a house in Europe. We’re told he’d like to spend a lot of time there (apart from Quebecers being mad about him). And he still loves to play golf, between two or three visits to his daughter and grandson.

No, I don’t think he wants to train in Italy, like…

If I had to bet anything – Hi Mise-o-jeu -, I would be able to believe that Roy is already in retirement (or Before– retirement) and that he gave up his goal to return Fitness Trainer in the NHL. Remember, he hired an agent (Neil Glassberg) specifically for this about a year ago, but broke off with him a few months ago…right after Jeff Gorton was hired. Did Roy have only one plan: the Montreal Canadiens? Did he set himself on fire at the Pittman circuit after leaving Colorado?

Now here The More objective question: does Roy still have the passion Game?

“I’ve always told myself it’s the passion that has to be there. If it was there, I’d be there. Otherwise… For now, I just want to think about my future.— Patrick Roy

No, I don’t think it was just a bitter feeling of the hard defeat taking place, unfortunately…

Note that Philip Boucher, the current general manager of the Voltigeurs, could return to Quebec, according to what’s been circulating behind the scenes…

Patrick Roy and Rimpart finished the season with a record 51-15-2, but ended the season Season/Qualifiers Two weeks early. his journey in Carpentry It seems to have come to an end. But we still don’t know if Roy intends to coach the pros…or handle it lightly.

He can make very few records in the media like early retirement (as Bob Hartley) or performer Scouts for the NHL team. Follow.

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