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Are e-cigarettes really cheaper?

The risks associated with tobacco are numerous, but quitting smoking can be very complicated. An e-cigarette can be a real help in quitting smoking successfully. It’s the option to quit gently and at your own pace, while still maintaining your smoking habits.

Although e-cigarettes are “undoubtedly harmful”, they are less dangerous to health, according to the majority of health professionals.

Today, the high and constantly increasing price of a pack of cigarettes has become an additional argument for quitting smoking. But are e-cigarettes cheaper than tobacco?

Taking the leap and starting to use e-cigarettes can seem expensive at first. In fact, the initial investment can be intimidating. Here are the costs to consider when starting an e-cigarette and compare for possible savings.

Buying electronic cigarettes and their consumables

Buying an e-cigarette is a large or less initial cost. Depending on the quality you are looking for and the power, capacity and battery of an e-cigarette, the prices are very variable. For a very simple, low wattage, compact e-cigarette, prices start at 20 euros. On the other hand, for the ultra-strong electronic cigarette, with adjustable options and a futuristic design, prices can reach 300 euros.

What should also be taken into account is that when a vaper buys an e-cigarette, it is in the medium to long term. In fact, the lifespan of a vape varies according to its quality, maintenance and frequency of use. On average, from an entry-level to high-quality e-cigarette, it takes between 1 to 6 years of life.

Thus, the initial purchase, which is sometimes large, is quickly amortized. Next, we must take into account the consumables of the electronic cigarette, which are a regular expense. In vapoteuse, there are only two types of consumables: e-liquids and resistance. The average cost of the e-liquid is €5.40 for a 10ml bottle. The frequency of purchase depends on the consumption of the vaper. As for the resistors, it is advisable to change them every 15-20 days. Its average cost is 2.30 euros.

Calculate Your Expenses: E-cigarettes vs Tobacco

To calculate whether an e-cigarette is really cheaper than a conventional cigarette, you need to estimate your expenses. For this purpose, you have to take into account your smoking habits and apply them to the vaper. Below are estimates that do not include the purchase price of an electronic cigarette (very variable and depends on the tastes and needs of each) which are based on a pack of cigarettes at a price of 10 euros.

light smoker

Consumption of 5 to 7 cigarettes per day represents between 6 and 9 packs per month, or 60 and 90 euros of spending each month. To compare a month of vaping, with the same consumption, you have to calculate: 2 resistors at 2.30 euros each and an average of 3 vials of e-liquid at 5.40 euros per unit, ie 20.80 euros. Thus, the savings achieved for a light smoker who adopted the e-cigarette ranged between €39.20 and €69.20 per month. Converted to the year, it represents a saving of €470.40 to €830.40.

average smoker

Consuming 10-20 cigarettes per day represents 15-30 packs per month, or 150-300 euros per month. For this consumption habit, it is necessary to calculate: 2 coils at 2.30 euros each and an average of 7 vials of e-liquid at 5.40 euros each, or 42.40 euros. The average smoker’s savings range from €107.60 to €257.80 per month. Converted to the year, this represents a saving of €1,291.20 to €3,093.60.

smoked chain

Consumption of more than 20 cigarettes per day represents at least 35 packs per month, or at least 350 euros spent each month. In comparison, for the same consumption with an e-cigarette, you need to calculate: 3 resistors at 2.30 euros each and 10 vials of e-liquid at 5.40 euros each, or 60.90 euros. Savings for an experienced smoker is a minimum of €289.10 per month. Converted to general, this represents a minimum savings of €3,469.20.

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