Mikhail Sergachev was almost coined by Sabers in 2016

After a rather difficult 2015-16 season, the 2016 amateur draft was supposed to be an opportunity for CH to add groundbreaking potential to their organization. That year, Mark Bergievin and the Habs held the ninth selection and eventually chose defender Mikhail Sergechev.

In the end, Sergechev didn’t stay long in Montreal, who was traded to Lightning a year later in exchange for Jonathan Drouin. The young Russian defender has played only four matches in the CH jersey.

However, earlier today, Jeff Marek revealed very interesting information that could have changed this whole story. In fact, as pointed out in today’s episode of 32 podcast ideasBrezhevin had not coined Sergechev.

In fact, the young defender in their sights was eighth. They eventually settled on Alexander Nylander, but Sergachev was the other option considered.

Marek points out that Buffalo’s director of scouting Anders Forsberg (who is still around today) has a good reputation with young Swedish players after recruiting Erik Karlsson, Robin Lehner and Mika Zibanijad in Ottawa. In addition, Buffalo recruited two Russians in previous years, Nikita Zadorov and Mikhail Grigorenko, who ultimately did not have the expected success of the Sabers.

In short, all these different factors made Tim Murray, the GM at the time in Buffalo, finally settle on Nylander rather than Sergechev.

We know the rest: Nylander didn’t develop at Buffalo while Sergeachev is now a good regular defensive man in the NHL.

But if the Sabers had decided to choose Sergachev, who knows what would have happened with CH. Would Bergévin have chosen Nylander? Was Jonathan Drouin coming to Montreal, this time versus Nylander?

It’s a very interesting scenario to consider, but in the end, it was another good player who slipped into the sword hands. Which is far from the only one, let’s put it this way.

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